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Hassan Jaffer is an interpreter of the human mind and the question of predestiny and free will. He combines the logic of his engineering background with his acute sensitivity to human nature to explain the complexities of human experiences through astrology. 

Hassan expresses his love for the Creator and the human potential in every book he writes and every report he makes for his clients. He expresses his love of the highest reaches of the mind in every Audio he makes.

In his years of research, Hassan discovered that everyone is born with certain predestined internal cycles or “themes” – the timing and duration of which are both destined. However, most of these themes are predictable only in terms of individual experiences rather than actual events. Based on this, he has formulated techniques where you can use your free choice to offset any negative “themes”.

Hassan has been involved in various astro-medical research projects correlating planetary positions and the predisposition of various diseases which are in his book “Astro-medical Diagnosis”. His books include Leaders and Followers, Revelations of the Hands (Revelation par Les Mains) and Analysis of Famous Charts. Hassan has analyzed thousands of charts – from Renaissance masters to Nobel Prize winners, and uses his research to help his extensive clientele, ranging from media personalities, movie stars, politicians, Royalty, actors, tycoons, businessmen to anyone interested in controlling their destiny. His Personalized Reports and “Your Star Qualities and AstroTrends” tapes complement his unique taped analysis.

Hassan has appeared in numerous radio and television shows in Canada and the U.S., where he gets tremendous public response to his instant analysis and accurate world predictions. 

Hassan conducts his popular workshops throughout North America and also publishes a personalized newsletter “AstroTrends” with worldwide circulation to give timely and helpful advice to his subscribers. 

The most important forecast of Hassan was the Japan Tsunami which unfortunately materialized on March 2011. This was originally written in 2004 and discussed in many of his interviews (Nov 2008 and Jan 2010) which are on the YouTube and other places. Hassan had been consistently warning about this tsunami in his newsletters and regrets the inability of the media to warn the public about it.

Hassan’s Astro-Life Coaching AstroCalendar is a dynamic personalized website based on your birth data which helps you establish long term goals and even to plan on a daily basis. It makes anyone their own astrologer in about five minutes. Hassan’s hobbies include sports, art, painting and playing musical instruments, all of which he considers extremely important to offset his own “themes”!


Your Horoscope Chart

Your Natal Horoscope Chart represents where all the planets were when you were born. It remains the same all your life and represents all your Themes which get touched off by planets as they are moving in the sky. I believe there is a geomagnetic connection between the date, time and place you are born and your horoscope chart. The Earth’s magnetic field is constantly changing you are geomagnetically tagged when you were born!

Our AstroCalendar give you fantastic insight into your inner timing and is probably one of the best ways to understand yourself as well. In less than five mins you will know where the Moon or Venus are in your chart now and what it means!

You are born with many different Themes which represent your talents, your limitations, and the transits represent when and for how long these inner Themes are touched off. My whole purpose of going into astrology was to find the best ways to offset a negative theme and how to use your free choice most effectively. It is easy to change self-pity into compassion for others.

The tears may be part of your destiny but who you cry for is you choice. Similarly, an obsessive theme may be destined but the form of obsession if your free choice!

Here is what a Natal Chart looks like:



PISCES 26°10'
PISCES 26°48'
ARIES 24°33' R
TAURUS 26°45'
LEO 10°31' R
SCORPIO 11°23' R
LIBRA 13°18' R

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