Are You Prone to Freak Accidents?

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Are You Prone to Freak Accidents is something everyone should look into as the tendency is in your chart and can easily be offset if you know about it beforehand.  This is exactly why we made the Astrocalendar which helps you know your timing beforehand so you can avoid it.

When we first wrote about an adverse natal Mars-Uranus aspect, we mentioned Princess Diana, Sonny Bono and JFK Jr.’s predisposition to freak accidents to the head and spine. Unfortunately, she died a month later and Sonny Bono and JFK Jr. a few years later. Unfortunately, they all died of negligence and taking unnecessary risks.

If a person is born with this aspect e.g. Prince Charles, then they always have to be careful of not only freak car accidents but also air crashes. We found this amongst a lot of astronauts as well. Although many people may be born with this configuration, it all depends on when this configuration gets touched off, by which planet and if these people do anything to prevent the danger.

Princess Diana was born with Mars-Uranus conjunction


Not everyone with a Mars-Uranus aspect will be a victim of a stray bullet, but they are definitely more susceptible to freak accidents, a stroke, sudden bouts of temper (which may be related to the spine), inventive ideas (mainly because their actions are erratic and unconventional) and erratic behavior from time to time. They also need to avoid taking unnecessary risks and to be very careful or dangerous sports.

In this article, we will focus on both the predisposition as well as the timing of a Mars-Uranus aspect by transit. Usually, this accident configuration lies dormant till a transiting planet touches it off. Even if you were not born with this aspect, you will go through it by transit from time to time.

Adverse Mars – Uranus Configuration and Aviation Disasters

It is interesting that in terms of world events when there is an adverse aspect in the sky between Mars and Uranus, freak accidents happen which involve lightning, air crashes, electricity, explosions, and earthquakes. This is also a time when the Nasdaq takes a dive and electronic companies suffer.
Here are some of the events which happened when Mars was making adverse aspects to Uranus in the sky:

• Shuttle launch Jan. 2003. Airbus 072 crash, Swissair flight 127 in 1997, Amtrack 1999 all happened with an adverse Mars-Uranus configuration in the sky.

• 33 vehicle collision, Mars in Virgo sq Uranus in Sagittarius (Sag = transportation).

• Earthquakes: Turkey 6.7 Aug. 1999; Gujarat earthquake in 2001, 7.9 on Richter scale!   Mexico 8.1 on RS, 10,000 people dead; Japan 6.2, California 6.1

• Marine Headquarters explosion which killed 256 U.S. Marines.


What to Expect during an Adverse Uranus-Mars Transit

This article is going to some high profile political figures as well and some of the points may seem unrealistic but the themes are similar. Here are some of the points you need to be careful of if your Clients number is listed:

• Avoid guns and going to risky places.

• Be careful of freak accidents to the head area.

• Be very careful if are on ice or skiing.

• Wear a helmet if rollerblading/bicycling.

• Avoid bunjee or parachute jumping.

• You have inventive ideas but may need someone else to carry them out.

• Be careful of danger to the spine (especially whiplash).

• Be extremely careful of explosives and dangerous situations that you may create e.g. filling a gas tank while the car is running!

• Avoid going to places which are politically volatile.

•Avoid living dangerously or taking needless risks

• You need to be careful of freak injuries to the head and spine.

• You are more prone to a stroke.

• Don’t take unnecessary chances in flying. Avoid flying if there is a storm

• You are prone to electric shocks.

• Drink water to diffuse fits of temper.

• Avoid speeding. Check brakes and tires.

• Take extra precaution in snow or ice sports like tobogganing and skiing.

Generally, an adverse Mars-Uranus transit makes people fly off the handle easily and makes them more accident-prone. It is best to ride this period and use it for inventive ideas only and not to act rashly.

Here are the Client #s of those of you who are born with an adverse Mars-Uranus aspect, and should always be careful of the points mentioned above:

Public Figures: Alec Baldwin (temper), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Cosby (son died of gunshot), Caroline Kennedy (brother died in plane crash), Demi Moore (terrible temper), Elton John, H.G. Wells (shot himself), Mata Hari and Mussolini (both shot by firing squad), James Hoffa (we can only guess what happened), Joe Frazier (many head injuries), Joseph Lieberman, Michael J. Fox and Mohammed Ali (spine-related illness), Monica Lewinsky (had freak car accident some years ago), Prince Albert, Prince Charles (born with danger for self, wife and children), Princess Caroline (very erratic), Prince Harry (mother died of freak accident), Robert Redford, Roseanne, Robin Williams, Steve Jobs (explosive temper), Tom Cruise (speeding), Tonya Harding, Warren Beatty (brilliant but short-tempered), Yasser Arafat, the country Libya (was bombed and has danger in 2004 again).

The following Clients are born with Mars 0° to 12° of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Transiting Uranus will touch off your natal Mars from Mar. 2003 till Mar. of 2007: (Depending on whether you were born in the early degrees or later, you will be affected either for two years in the beginning or end of this period):

Public Figures: Anthony Hopkins, President Bush who is going through it right now till end of 2006, Collin Powell, Dennis Hopper, Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra Jr., George Segal, President Francois Mitterand, Ivana Trump, James Brown, Joe Frazier, John Travolta, Melanie Griffith, Meryl Streep, Michael Eisner of Disney, O.J. Simpson, Saddam Hussein (Jack Nicholson, who is Astro-twin of Saddam!), and Uma Thurman. Getting adverse transits from Uranus to your natal Mars. We have also included the Client numbers of those of you who are born with adverse Uranus/Mars aspects.


Astrology Insight

If you are born with it, then the danger is obviously much more because any planet can touch it off. If you are not born with it, then the danger is only when a transiting planet like Mars, Saturn or Uranus touches off your natal Uranus.




Mars rules the head area. It represents sharp objects, speeding, rash and impulsive actions, and physical danger. Of course, you have to see which planet it “touching” it off in your chart.



Uranus represents the parasympathetic nervous system, spine, flying, electronic devices and unpredictable crisis situations which happen very suddenly. Adverse Mars-Uranus aspects lead to erratic brilliant ideas but wrong timing.


This is also a classic assassination configuration but doesn’t get paranoid because there are many ways to offset it. Rajiv Gandhi had a semi-square between these two planets when he was assassinated. It all depends on where the accident configuration is in your chart. In fact, it may even be just reflecting accidents to those around you and not you at all! In Caroline’s chart, it accurately represented her brother JFK Jr.’s crash. Similarly, in Elizabeth Taylor’s case, it reflected one of her husband’s death in a plane crash.

The danger will always be wherever Mars is in your natal chart. Just don’t take unnecessary risks, because the adverse theme has to happen just once and there may not be a second chance. This is not a mild transit and can be fatal.

Life and death are best left in God’s hands. However, although everyone’s maximum life span is predestined, one’s free choice can shorten it! Nature only gives you free choice to decrease your life span.

Assassination Configuration: An adverse aspect between Mars and Uranus seems to be the cosmic trademark of political assassinations. Many politicians and people who keep a high profile seem to be been born with it. In fact, their ability to risk their lives may be the reason why they get into politically volatile positions in the first place! John F. Kennedy, Indira Gandhi, and Versace were all born with it and they all died from gunshot to the head. Even a Semi-Square can be dangerous if you are a public figure e.g. Martin Luther King and Rajiv Gandhi.

When the Russians blew up the Korean Airline, I found the date of birth of a girl who was killed in the crash. She was going through an exact Mars-Uranus transit (interestingly, her social security number added to #8 and there were many Scorpio connotations in the mishap i.e. Russia, communism, missile attack).

Mars-Uranus especially indicates danger through guns, knives, and explosives. We first wrote about this while discussing the assassination threat to Rajiv Gandhi. It is also found a lot amongst those who are involved with accidents which happen very suddenly like skiing accidents (Sonny Bono and Robert Kennedy’s son). If your report says that you are going through a Mars-Uranus transit, I would try to postpone the flight. Jean Harlow, who died in an air crash, was born with Mars-Uranus conjunction, just like many astronauts.
As Uranus is the planet for inventions, Mars activates the inventive ideas when it is aspected to Uranus. Those with this aspect just have to be careful of the danger periods.




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