Astrology of Mental Health

August 17, 2017by Hassan Jaffer
Astrology of Mental Health is something we should really look into. It is sad that so many young people take their own lives and there are no obvious markers to even those who are closest to them.

Astrology is one of the simplest and the most powerful tool to detect the potential of mental illnesses by analyzing the natal chart as well as the transits as they are happening. So many families destroyed because of mental issues which are not detected or not discussed because nobody understands them.

Mental problems are nothing but an inability to cope with stress and sublimate it in positive ways. Everyone who has a Mars-Neptune aspect has obsessive tendencies and if they are adverse aspects, this can easily lead to drugs and alcohol abuse. However, as I wrote in my article about Addictions, Obsessions, and Scandals almost twenty years ago, there were many famous people who were born with exactly the same aspect and were able to completely offset the theme in positive ways.

In our non-profit site, I want to devote a lot of time and resources to let everyone know about the predisposition of mental illnesses and how to offset the theme in positive ways to prevent tragedies especially afflicting the youth. We will use the astrology of mental health to give actual examples of how it can help others replicate the same results.




On 7th April 2016, a very sensitive and humanitarian 22 years final year student of Western University, who was distraught about his friend had taken his life a year before, not only took his own life but also ended up taking his mother with him. Ironically, his parents were very active in trying to help children with mental health issues.

The charts are quite revealing but I do believe that he would have been able to offset the negative theme if those around him were aware of the major accident configuration that he was going through.

Here is the chart of the mother and even though we don’t know her time of birth the nightmare configuration relating to children was very clear in her case:



Here is the mother who was born with the Mars conj Neptune in Scorpio (nightmare aspect relating to children and addictions).

Karen Ann Costa

Date of Birth, October 6th, 1963

Date of Death, April 7th, 2016

Karen Costa worked as a nurse for 30 years at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto before retiring one year before the tragedy. She was trying to stop her son from killing himself.



Mars and Saturn in the sky were 8 and 16 degrees so med = 12 Sag so it exactly squared her Pluto.  Mars sq Pluto is a violent aspect and danger to health although it happens many times.

Mars was also sq Uranus which is the hallmark of freak accidents to head and spine (Princess Diana and Paul Walker both had this by transit when they passed away).

Sun, Moon, and Uranus were all in Aries so people become very impatient and angry and lose temper easily.


Jeffrey William Costa

Date of Birth Thursday, March 24th, 1994

Date of Death Thursday, April 7th, 2016

Jeffrey Costa, aged 22, loving son of Karen and Sam Costa, passed away suddenly on April 7th, 2016.



Born with Mars in Pisces con Saturn (accident configuration plus addictive tendencies but easily sublimated in water sports). Jeffrey was about to finish 4th-year studies at Western University, where he took great pleasure in mentoring new students arriving for their first year at the university.

He was recently accepted to Graduate school for his Masters with further aspirations to earn his Ph.D. Jeffrey enjoyed water skiing and swimming at the family cottage (Pisces planets).



Transiting Neptune conj his Mars which is very slow-moving and was very strong a year before and would have continued for at least one or two more years.

Transiting Mars squared Saturn which is a major accident configuration. Also transiting Saturn squares natal Mars as well. This was slow-moving and had started a few months before and would have been there for another month or so. This gives a lot of anger also and he was also going through a Neptune conj Mercury for quite some time, where you cannot separate truth from fantasy.

Jeffrey Costa killed his mother and then took his own life. Karen Costa began her nursing career at SickKids in her early 20s, hospital spokesman Suzanne Gold confirmed

Costa was close friends with a Western student who took their own life last year, and “that was very hard on him according to some of his friends,” Carson said

And Jeffrey Costa, one of her grown kids, appeared to be flourishing as a student at Western University in London.

Sadly, the mother, 52, and son, 22, were both found dead in their family home in an upscale Richmond Hill neighborhood last Thursday.

The double tragedy, which York Regional Police have described as a murder-suicide, has left students at Western reeling.

The fourth-year Social Science student had a passion for mentoring new students and did so as an orientation week leader or so-called “soph” for social science and Medway-Sydenham Hall.

However, despite his ability to brighten the world around him, those who were close to Costa said he had long suffered mental health issues. Despite having a strong support network — including friends, family, and professional mental health workers — he struggled.

The 600 students who lived in the Med-Syd dormitory have been deeply affected by the death of Costa that occurred five months after the suicide of another popular Med-Syd soph and close friend of his and six months after the death of a resident and first-year student Andrea Christidis. Christidis was struck by an impaired driver while walking on campus.




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