Bollywood Actress Sri Devi , who acted in 300 feature films, was at a family wedding in Dubai when she had a heart attack in Dubai and passed away.  The news came as a shock to the Bollywood film industry as she seemed in perfect health and was only 54.

However, one look at her chart and it becomes obvious what the transit was and how this could have been avoided. We just wish we had seen this before and this is why we developed AstroCalendar as it would have picked this up right.

Sri Devi was a Leo who had Venus in Leo like Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, and Tom Cruise.  This is a very charismatic placement for Leo and a natural one for fame in films as it gives a sense of drama and showmanship. Yves Saint Laurent, the famous fashion designer was also born with Venus in Leo. It is the sign of exclusive fashion, designer labels and bold attention-getting Haute couture rather than subtle taste.

Sri Devi had Mercury in Virgo which gave her the perfection and skills in acting. It was close to Pluto which can make somewhat controlling but excellent for research and causes. She was a patron for a lot of children’s charities and the “saving” aspect of this Mercury cnj Pluto offsets its negative themes. In fact, that is the only way to offset it.  Actors often offset their themes through the movies they make and this powerful conjunction has a Scorpio theme and sort of vigilante justice (her last movie MOM).

Transits on the Fatal Night

Sri Devi had Leo Ascendant like Marilyn Monroe and her best asset was her personality. However, this also meant a lot of Leo in the 12th house as well, which indicates a susceptibility towards the heart.


There were no planets in the 12th house but two very important indicators are the key to the sad event. Saturn was in a square configuration to her natal Mars. In our AstroCalendar & Oracle, I specifically put this among the several important questions the Oracle answers: Accidents, Legal and Heart and here is the full article on it.

Saturn makes this transiting aspect every 7 years and as it is slow moving, she would have had this from Jan 2018 until at least Oct 2018.  What made it worse was that Saturn was transiting her 5th house which is known to indicate heart vulnerability (5th house being the natural Leo house which rules the heart).

The reason I first identified this aspect several years ago as one of the main ones for heart attacks is cause it is related to how you react to stress. Mars indicates the need for Action and Saturn reflects all the delays and hassles.  We often find this transit shows temper, doing too many things at the same time and running of time, too many responsibilities and increased frustration.  The best way to offset this transit is to pace yourself and to drink more water to dilute the hormonal anger etc.

What made it worse was that Mars was also transiting her 5th house.  This again adds to the heart susceptibility but probably originating from the brain like a stroke (Mars rules the head area) or nervous tension due to her tendency to worry about every detail (Mercury, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo which requires mental relaxation).

Even her Scorpio Sagittarius on 4th house indicates places like New York or Dubai where this happened as Scorpio represents power and Sagittarius shows the international elements. The Asc was in Scorpio and touched off her 4th house indicating the place where it happened also.

Joan Rivers had exactly a similar Mars-Saturn aspect and 1- walked out of CNN interview 2- had minor dental surgery and 3- died of a heart attack. All three are mentioned in the Oracle portion of AstroCalendar.

In Sri Devi’s case, Uranus transiting her 9th house (travel and philosophy) cnj Jupiter – sudden freedom from limitations may point to the life-death aspect as well but along with the Mars Saturn only. Moon was in her 11th (parties and social occasions) and quickly approaching the 12th where you feel run down although it was a day or two away still.

Mars in 5th also indicates strife in relating to children and this happened just one month before her daughter’s movie was to be released. Ironically or by a strange coincidence, the move is called “Dharkan” which means Heartbeat in Hindi and Urdu.

Sri Devi’s has Saturn moving up in her chart which means she will be in the public eye for a long time. Saturn moving up for almost 20 years indicates that she won’t be forgotten anytime soon and her movies will continue to have a very good public response. Her daughter’s first film is to be released on 6th July 2018, a film debut she was really hoping her mother Sri Devi will be there to give her approval.

Our prayers and condolences to her family and fans. Just remember that the horoscope belongs to the soul and the soul never dies.

Hassan Jaffer

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