Canada Elections 2015 Update 20 Oct 2015:  As we had expected and our analysis showed, Justin Trudeau and his Liberals won by a landslide.  Our congratulations to the young Trudeau, a name millions of Canadians recall with affection and respect. In fact, it was his father’s heritage and name which added to Justin Trudeau’s success as droves came to vote from the era of his illustrious father.

Another thing I am sure of is that Stephen Harper was not born at midnight as we questioned before otherwise, he would have had a much better showing.  Moon  conj his Saturn was the disappointment right from the beginning of the election as we had said. Our analysis was actually very good and those of you interested in astrology should go through it as many details were there which actually came true.

Justin will be Canada’s Prime Minister for at least two and possibly even three terms. The reason is that if he can have a landslide while Saturn is the bottom of his chart, it just keeps rising in his chart from now on and in 14 years it will reach the peak in his chart! He will have another 7 years to consolidate his position in public even after Saturn reaches the zenith of his chart.

Canada’s politics will again be vibrant and full of enthusiasm as finally, we will have some amazing changes will less interest in war and more resources spent on peace, improvements for students and technology (Justin is born with Mercury conj Jupiter which is excellent for mass education and better communication).

Justin is not a stubborn person. He is just convinced that he is right! The most promising element of Justin Trudeau’s character is that he will appeal to universal truths and has a natural awareness of divine principles. The same Moon trine Jupiter, which gives him the popularity with the public especially women, also gives him visionary tendencies and concern for the welfare of the masses. It also adds to his good looks as well as prophetic dreams.  He is a positive motivator and will be an excellent arbitrator. Although he will seem to go back and forth between different positions on his policies, it is actually because he is flexible and will adjust to changes fast enough. He will bring the much-needed change and will be more interested in mass reform rather than politics.

Justin has a versatile and multitasking chart and will get along very well with most of the world leaders including Putin and Obama.

His personality is very charismatic and he has inherited it from his father Pierre Trudeau, who was from the Age of the Golden Movies and was born just one week before the Shah of Iran!

His wife is a Yoga teacher and a TV personality and a journalist, all to do with philosophy and mass communication. This is exactly his whole age group and it is one of the best age groups (the 70’s) to bring mass reforms and improved foreign policy.

Justin Trudeau reminds of the Prince and his father being like the King (Neptune in Leo age group just like JFK Jr. was for his father John F. Kennedy. Some of the humanitarian nature of Justin be watching Prince Williams who is also from the same age group.

There will also be an increase in immigrants as Saturn in Sagittarius touches off Justin’s Neptune, playing on his conscience. He just needs to be very careful of deception by people surrounding him.  He was the eldest child and was brought up with a lot of love and affection and we hope he surrounds himself with the best cabinet rather than 50-50 men and women just to fulfill his promise.

Although there are many struggles in 2015 as we have given in the analysis below, they all seem to stem from foreign policies and outside interests trying to discredit his peace policies and putting hurdles in his way. However, he will not pursue the warmongering stance of the conservatives and will incorporate many politicians from around all provinces and different parties.

Canada Elections 2015 is here but we still don’t have the time of births except for Justin Trudeau.  PM Stephen Harper’s birth time is supposed to be midnight but we doubt it.

If Harper was born at midnight, then he does have the important planets above the horizon and it just means that he is in good books with those who control the economy and are pulling the strings. However, we doubt he can get the majority he seeks and it is time for a major change with fresh ideas as well.

Here is the horoscope analysis of the main leaders:

Justin Trudeau is a Capricorn and Moon is in Capricorn on the election date so this may be good news for him and also an indicator of who to watch for being in prominence. He has a Mercury sxt Pluto which is similar to Mer in Scorpio which he has inherited it from his late father Canada’s colorful PM Pierre Trudeau (who was born about one week before the Shah of Iran same year).

Mercury sxt Pluto is the ability to transform the lives of masses and an instinctual realization of truth. Mercury being in the sign of Sagittarius, his emphasis will be on education, new technology. mass communication and international relations. He was a teacher and also has Mercury conj Jupiter which makes him quite philosophical as well as having a talent for languages (he is fluent in French and English).

Mercury close to Jupiter also makes him like a good preacher. Mercury conj Neptune makes his chart like a saint and a con but is good for politics where you have to evade the truth skillfully from time to time. He will have to be very selective of the people he trusts as this is not the best aspect for separating truth from fantasy but most politicians in the West are born with it (Obama as well).

Saturn opposing his Mercury in Sag makes him like a genius even as it seems to slow down the thinking. Saturn makes him more productive in his ideas and Saturn opp Neptune will give him enough insecurity to make him hard working and compensate for any perceived inadequacy on his part.


Justin Trudeau’s hands show the Head Line joined to the Life Line(like all the leaders) indicating he will be cautious and not too action oriented and will maintain the status quo to some extent. However, having all the Sagittarius planets , the cautious side may actually be helpful as it balances and stops him from making hasty and impulsive decisions. V for victory is probably the reason for the gesture here rather than some problem with his hand!

Mercury (communication and thinking) conj Jupiter makes him exaggerate to clarify a point rather than to distort the truth, Saturn opp Mercury gives the discipline to finish what he starts and Neptune gives him a creative mind but also the humanitarian instincts and caring for the welfare of children and old people. He is a natural public relations person and it is important for a country to have the vision but also a dynamic image which he projects.

Moon trine Jupiter is the surest aspect of fantastic public response especially from women and Uranus conj his Moon now gives sudden popularity and  Uranus trine Jupiter is one of the major windfall aspects to go through.

Justin has met most of the world leaders at a very young age and was brought up in the limelight because of his illustrious father and will encourage the youth and educational infrastructure.

Born when Neptune just went into Sagittarius, he belongs to one of the most philosophical age groups (Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln were also born with this placement).  Justin’s generation (the 70’s age group) will be going through a lot of mental stress in Mar, Apr, May and also June and July  2016. This will be mentally a very stressful time for him.  The Saturn opp Neptune aspect in his chart may also refer to his losing his brother in an avalanche and never being found.   That death itself can be one of the motivating aspects in his chart as Mercury-Pluto aspect always indicates something denied in one’s life which leads you to your mission.

With three planets in Sagittarius and being an ambitious Capricorn, Justin Trudeau is poised to be the next Prime Minister of Canada. however, Saturn at the very bottom of his chart indicates this is the just the beginning and time to still lay the foundations. Normally Saturn at the bottom is not a good indication of public response but Uranus touching off his Moon (once in 84 years) which is excellent for television and visual ideas although it may also indicate family upheavals and mothers’ health. Uranus trining his Jupiter also is one of the best transits for sudden prominence.

Jupiter also squaring his Mercury for another six months is also excellent for luck with communication and foreign countries including improved relations with the US and Europe.  He is extremely adaptable but his thumb is quite fixed indicating a strong resolve under the adaptable changeable nature. Although there are very good indications for Justin’s Liberal party to win, Saturn at the bottom of his chart touching off the stressful Saturn opp Neptune aspect could indicate he will need the help of other parties to form the government. however, he is a very skillful negotiator and the most flexible out of all the leaders.

Stephen Harper has Saturn in his 11th house which dampens the future ambitions and makes one more realistic in their expectations of the future. However, this is still a very strong aspect of the public eye and he has Saturn helping him for another 5 to 7 years still. Jupiter touching off his Moon is also a good indication of the older people helping him. Jupiter in 8th (if his midnight time is correct) indicates outside influences helping him in a material way especially those controlling the economy. However, Moon in Capricorn conj his Saturn on the election date is a sign of disappointment.

His hand shows him to be very cautious in implementing new policies and only care for the material aspect. he has a wealthy hand and short fingers which are good for immediate assessment of the whole situation but Headline so far joined makes him follow the outside influences too much.

Also Saturn squares his Moon throughout 2015 which is also an aspect of disappointment and people tend to age under this transit. It is possible he prevails but I doubt it and only because of support from foreign entities who are depleting Canada and spoiling its image as well as promoting wars and strife.

Mercury in Aries does give him executive ability but can also make one selfish and not the best team player. Harper’s generation (the 50s age group) will be going through a lot of mental stress in Jan, Feb, June, July and Dec 2016

Thomas Mulcair is really very fixed and somewhat of a dictator like Hilary Clinton. In fact, he has Mercury closed to Saturn in Scorpio which makes a person very disciplined and tenacious but also stubborn and not a team player.

However, by transit, both Mulcair and Hilary are getting good aspects from Neptune and Pluto, which gives them a good handle on world events and what the masses need. Although he is getting good aspects from Jupiter, this will not be enough to carry him to power.  However, he will make a difference and Justin will probably recognize his own father in him as he also had Mercury in Scorpio. It is the dark Saturn in Scorpio which gives morbid thoughts and makes him take radical actions which is not very good for a country and makes him a bit very difficult to work with.

Elizabeth May would be very good for social work and will be influential in her own party but has Saturn in Scorpio like Mulcair which can give her some depression. Mercury in Cancer close to Jupiter is like Anne Landers who was great at giving advice.  However, Pluto opposing her Mercury (once in a lifetime) shows powerful forces opposing her and her ideas can also do a lot of damage. She does have a family oriented chart and is too emotional to be a constructive leader. She will actually get along really well with Mulcair as her Mercury trines his. She does have the ability to hold her own and has a lot of staying power (Princess Diana had Mercury in Cancer as well and was always concerned with the welfare of others).

Gilles Duceppe has a similar chart to Elizabeth and is very much a family man but he is also getting Pluto opposing his Mercury so he will not be able to realize his dreams under this transit. Jupiter is making excellent aspects in his chart so I can see why he was motivated to join the race.

The cycle of Jupiter is approximately 11 to 12 years, during which it makes many angles to your natal Mercury. Fortunately, every angle is positive but certain aspects can make you overestimate your time, take on too many projects and exaggerate.

Don’t just wait for the Best Time for Writing, Publishing and Contracts, just start putting down your ideas in draft form from now so as soon as you have a Jupiter Mercury aspect by transit i.e. Jupiter touches off your Mercury, you can be ready to publish.



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