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Astro-Calendar Moon Transits are completely personalized and based on your birthdate, time and place of birth. The Moon moves through your 12 areas of life every month. The 12 icons and visual colors are easy for anyone to follow and interpret. The most important thing is that we can add other members of your family as well which is the key to what I was trying to develop.

Michael-Verkerke.jpg     Michael-Verkerke-Tragedy was a 9-year-old boy who was stabbed to death yesterday by a 12-year-old boy while playing at a park. This was exactly the age group we had mentioned under stressful dates 1998 to 2011 age group and had warned about. The boy who stabbed him was born in March 2002. Two...

Organizing and Setting Goals is best when Saturn is making a positive aspect to your natal Mercury (trine, sextile, and semi-sextile). During this transit, you will experience a need within you to finish what you start and set realistic longterm goals. You will also become very realistic and thorough. With Jupiter, you want to know everything of...

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