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World Events 2020 Coronavirus is not a short-term event but a planned global event which is reflected in three long term transits: Pluto in Capricorn which affects the global economy and restructuring of big business and corporations  2- Neptune in Pisces bringing in the revival of faith and spirituality as well as free concerts by...

Immune System Calculator We made the program which instantly tells you when Are You Vulnerable to Viruses and  your immune system is down. We have made an Immune System Calculator for you which shows you the dates when you are vulnerable to Fraud and Mental Stress etc. Just enter your Birthdate and click interp and get...

Jupiter in Capricorn from 2 Dec2019 till 18 Dec 2020 points to a major shift in the attitude of people to a much more conservative value. Capricorn rules skin, teeth and bones, Archaeology, ancient structures, paleontology, dinosaurs, manufacturing, large industries and all of these stand to gain during this transit. From last year, Jupiter has been...

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