Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

September 28, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky made Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton very happy and proud grandparents. Our congratulations to the former President and his wife, and Chelsea and her husband.

The most important element of her chart is that she has Neptune in Pisces which makes her very compassionate and humanitarian.  Venus in Virgo also makes her very unselfish and caring for those who are downtrodden. Hillary Clinton has Moon in Pisces and Charlotte will bring out the humanitarian side of her even more and maybe even soften her grandma’s dictatorial side.

Moon and Saturn in Scorpio normally make one anemic but it is quite wide and is a good aspect to Neptune which combines the emotional intensity of Scorpio along with the deep spirituality of Neptune in Pisces.

She will be natural at law and will delegate work to everyone (grandpa pass me the remote please!).  She will probably get a degree in law and an MBA as well which are both her talents.  She will have an excellent sense of humor and will get along best with her famous grandfather Bill Clinton, who will be her best promoter. He has Mercury in Leo and she has Mercury in Libra (fire and air  always get along well)

Hassan Jaffer

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