Danger of Accidents, Injuries and Heart Problems

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Danger of Accidents, Injuries and Heart Problems increase if you are either born with Saturn adversely aspected to Mars or going through it by transit.

Are you prone to losing your temper easily and suddenly?
Do you feel frustrated because of continuous opposition?
Angry due to delays and running out of time?
Does everyone seem to be very argumentative with you?
Are you being physically or verbally more aggressive?
Do you often get an aching feeling in your chest?
Are you prone to migraines?
Are you constantly in crisis and running out of time?
Are you in trouble with the law or having authority conflicts?



If any of the above applies to you, then you may be born with an adverse Mars-Saturn aspect or may be going through it by transit and may need to be very careful of being accident-prone now.

Even if one is not born with an adverse Mars-Saturn aspect, everyone goes through it by transit from time to time and becomes prone to heart problems, migraines, accidents, kneecap problems, and legal hassles. This transit can also lead to accidents or surgeries to the head and bones.

The duration of this transit depends on whether Mars is touching off your natal Saturn or vice versa. The effect of Mars can last from 2 weeks to 6 months, but the slower moving Saturn’s transit can last from a few months to 1 1/2 years!

In your personalized AstroCalendar, the dates refer to times when you are getting adverse aspects from Saturn to your natal Mars as well or those of you who are born with any adverse aspect between Mars and Saturn. Use the advice we have given below to offset this dangerous theme.

There are many types of accident configurations and most of them involve Mars. Uranus-Mars aspect indicates freak accidents with cars, explosives, guns, electricity, and lightning (John F. Kennedy, Rajiv Gandhi, Versace and Princess Diana were born with it). Prince Charles is also born with a wide aspect and is always at risk with guns and explosions. An adverse Mars-Neptune aspect can lead to a drug overdose, poison or drowning (Princess Diana and JFK Jr. were both going through this transit at the time of their accidents.



Danger of Accidents, Injuries and Heart Problems – How to Offset

Recognize that you are in an accident configuration and prone to car or motorcycle accidents. Get brakes checked.

• You are prone to heart and blood pressure problems because of the frustration. Get more rest and avoid fatigue.

• Avoid crisis situations! Running out of time, too many bills, meetings. Use time management on a daily basis.

• Avoid clutter and make your place cozy.

• Find the right people and delegate your work. Avoid using incompetent people!

• Give yourself more rest. Your body will function much better if you take occasional naps. Pace yourself.

• Drink water (to dilute the enzymes secreted when you are angry).

• When you are angry, avoid drinking high acidic juices or you may get heartburn.

• Get involved with some harmless physical activity that is not dangerous.

• Avoid dangerous sports that could lead to skin, teeth or kneecap injuries/fractures.

• Be careful of conflicts with authority and the law. This is not a good time for any legal matters, so do not tempt your luck.
The legal system is not designed for justice – at least not until Nov. 2008!

• Your timing is not the best, so do not rush into any action without proper planning.

• Avoid handling guns and any type of firearms and sharp metal objects or be extremely careful with them.

• Avoid major surgeries unless you have good aspects from Jupiter as well.

• Be careful of head injuries and heart-related problems. Get a good checkup. Stop smoking. Drink more fluids.

• Recognize that your temper can be quite destructive if you allow it to explode.

• Be careful of robberies and fire.

• There will be more frustration because of opposition and delays in your goals.

Public Figures Who Are Accident Prone Now:   A.R. Rahman, Abraham John, Al-Abdullah Queen Rania, Beyonce, Cher, Donald Trump, George Clooney, Bush George, Gibson Mel, Hilary Clinton, Jagger Mick, Karina Kapoor, Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Oprah Winfrey, Rice Condoleezza, Salman Khan, Shania Twain, Tom Cruise.



Born With A Saturn Mars Aspect?

If you were born with an adverse Mars-Saturn aspect, then all the qualities mentioned in this article will apply to you all your life. You will be very accident-prone (fractures, bad knees, dental problems and always running into authority conflicts or legal hassles): You will have to be careful of:

• Very accident-prone (especially skin, teeth or bone injuries)

• Uncontrollable temper (need to drink lots of water all the time).

• Migraine headaches or blood pressure problems. Tumors in the head area. Check with a neurosurgeon if the cause of your high blood pressure is neurogenic hypertension.

• This configuration can also lead to heart problems due to frustration from delays and opposition.

• You will have to be extra careful of car accidents, fractures, injuries to skin, teeth, bones, and the head area.

• Very rebellious against authority and may also tend to provoke them more! This includes parents, your spouse, police, judges, or anyone else you consider an authority figure or someone who you feel is trying to keep you in line.

• Brushes with the law or creditors. Speeding tickets or car problems all the time.

• Marriage hassles leading to divorce.

The position of Mars will indicate where you are accident prone e.g. 1st house = (injuries to self), 2nd house = finances, 6th house = workplace, etc.

The following Public Figures were born with an Adverse Mars-Saturn Aspect:

Al Gore, Queen Marie Antoinette of France (guillotined in 1793), Bjorn Borg, Brigitte Bardot, Brooke Shields, Bruce Lee, Bruce Willis, Canadian PM Jean Chrétien, supermodel Cindy Crawford, Dan Quale, Daryl Hannah, Farrah Fawcett, Harry Belafonte, Henry Winkler, Hilary Clinton, Hosni Mubarak (Egyptian President ), Ivana Trump, Marquis de Sade (the famous sadist), Michael Douglas, Michael Jackson, Mikhail Gorbachev, Merv Griffen, Paul Hogan, Paula Abdul, Prince Phillip, Prince Abdullah of Jordon, Prince Ali Reza and Prince Reza of Iran, Prince William, Priscilla Presley, Queen Elizabeth II, Richard Pryor, Rod Stewart, Ronald Reagan, Rupert Murdoch, Sean Connery, singer Sheryl Crow, Ted Turner, Yasser Arafat, Zahwa Arafat (daughter of Yasser Arafat), William Shatner. JFK Jr. and Martin Luther King.



World Events During An Adverse Saturn Mars aspect

The following events took place when Mars was opposing Saturn in the sky:

• Swissair Flight 127 crashed on 9th Aug. 1997 with Mars opp Saturn

• San Francisco earthquake in Aug. 1999

• The devastating earthquake in Turkey 17th Aug 1999

• Columbian School shooting which left 13 children dead

• Reagan and Versace were shot when this aspect was present in the sky

• War of Austria-Serbia in 1914

Mars conjuncts Saturn on Aug. 2014 and a week before and after will reflect military actions, increased bombings, accidents involving guns against legal authorities, and danger of aviation crashes. This configuration often coincides with fires set off by arson. Generally, people are more prone to accidents and are more confrontational. it is best to avoid crisis situations and drink more water to calm the nervous system and avoid danger sports. The stock market will also be more volatile now.




Here are the meanings of adverse aspects between Mars and Saturn that you may be born with (called Natal) or are going through it by transit.



Saturn indicates restrictions as well as lessons of patience and discipline in everyone’s chart. It represents the law and authority figures, supervisors, your creditors, as well as older people. It also stands for anything which puts a barrier in your path, e.g. a huge truck pulling in front of you when you are in a hurry.


Mars represents your physical drive and the action-oriented side of your nature. This side of you is impulsive and impatient and wants immediate results.


When Mars makes a negative aspect to Saturn or vice versa (conjunction, square, opposition, etc.), you will experience many delays leading to anger and frustration. The Mars side of your nature wants action whereas Saturn represents everyone who tries to keep you in line or pulls you back saying “no, you can’t do this…”! Obviously, this results in a lot of internal tension if it is not sublimated or resolved through harmless physical activities.

How you deal with a Mars/Saturn aspect determines whether you will be able to control yourself or get into accidents!

Mars position in your natal chart is also important. For example, if you were born with Mars in your 2nd house, then you will go through “financial” accidents whenever Saturn touches it off. You will be prone to car accidents if you were born with Saturn in your 3rd house and Mars touched it off. If Mars is the ruler of your 7th house and Saturn touches it off, you will experience hassles in marriage. In fact, this can be dangerous for your spouse as well (especially for the head area). If Mars was in your 10th house when you were born, and Saturn adversely touches it off by transit, you will feel frustrated because your career seems to be blocked. It will also affect your social status and this transit often coincides with marriage breakups as well.

Saturn makes adverse aspects to your natal Mars approximately once every seven years but Mars makes adverse aspects to Saturn at least four times in two years, but it does not last as long.

We hope that you do not find your Client number in the lists given at the end of this article but if you do, don’t jump the gun and get upset, but drink cold water to dilute the enzymes (not something acidic like lemon or it will increase the heartburn) and use our advice to offset it.

If you know someone who is having the symptoms indicated below, then try to eliminate or minimize the root cause of their anxiety instead of getting upset if they seem to get angry easily. Learn to diffuse their crisis and not aggravate them even more!  Danger of Accidents, Injuries and Heart Problems is the hallmark of Mars-Saturn adverse transit.




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