Dangers of texting while driving

July 16, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Dangers of texting while driving

Dangers of texting while driving are all too well known to parents but unfortunately totally disregarded by teenagers. Apparently, texting is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated!

With Moon in Pisces right now, I was looking at a sad event which happened last year but is very appropriate, as it makes you realize the pathos of the parents who lost such a young and handsome son because of texting, an accident which could have been easily avoided.

There were many clear indications and even our 12 Month Report would have given a very clear indication of his being accident-prone. Here are some of the transiting aspects which I feel are most reflective of what happens:

Mars – Uranus transits Freak accidents

Mars – Neptune transit  Nightmare theme

Mars – Saturn transit  Accident configuration



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