David Goldberg

May 5, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

David Goldberg was in the news on 1 May 2015 as he suddenly passed away of an injury which could have been avoided. I believe you cannot increase your life span but you can certainly decrease it if you don’t use your free choice well.

When I see such events. I want to make AstroCalendar and Oracle available to everyone as I see all kinds of tragedies happening around us which could easily have been avoided. It gives me the incentive to write at odd hours in the hope of saving someone in the future. It is almost 6 am and I am still writing this and it is all because I heard the news about David and did some research on his birthdate and saw clear indications of what went wrong and how it could have been avoided.

So many astrologers see a Mars Neptune aspect as being creative yet it is nothing short of a nightmare period full of scandals and unsolved mysteries. One clicks on the question about mental stress and obsessions in the AstroCalendar’s oracle, and it gives you the most stressful dates right away. This was the aspect when Marilyn Monroe, JFK Jr and Princess Diana passed away.

On 1 May 2015, David Goldberg, the CEO of Survey Monkey and husband of Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook. died of an accident head injury after falling back on a treadmill.

They were both going through a Mars opp Neptune transit (everyone born in the 60s is going through it now actually) when the immune system is down and small things can easily develop into a nightmare.

Here is an an-in-depth article we wrote about this aspect and is it part of our

There are three things I see here: 1- Moon had just opposed Saturn which makes people feel run down and lack of iron. 2- He had Mercury in Scorpio which makes one quite deep and very thorough but they don’t know their limits, and 3- Mars opp Neptune which makes one quite obsessive and reduces the immune system of the body. iI is also one of the aspects of mental stress.

Moon was in Libra so the news was about a Libra person (his Sun Sign) and opp his Saturn which makes one feel tired due to lack of iron (those who are born with it are anemic) and possible lack of sugar (Moon in Libra). I believe he felt a bit dizzy but continued pushing himself. Having Venus in Virgo, he also may have had a bit of low self-esteem (it is very easy to make them feel guilty) and possibly too concerned about his health.

It probably could have been avoided if someone had got to him earlier and the Four Seasons should have been monitoring the gym at all times or have a mirror placed from there to the security, especially around the high powered treadmills.

Saturn was also coming close to his Mars which is an accident configuration itself and one of the signs of the heart (his wife Sheryl is still going through it till the end of 2015 and has to pace herself).

Our condolence to Sheryl and the rest of the family who lost a wonderful person who was very unselfish and helped his company and I am sure a lot of people as well.

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