Erratic and Unstable Time In Love

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Erratic and Unstable Time In Love  Everyone goes through different experiences of love when the transiting planets “touch” of their Venus position. Regardless of where Venus was at the time of your birth, you will experience many different ups and downs in love matters based on which planet is “touching off” your natal Venus position.

Some of these transits will bring happiness, some sadness, some of them will increase your need for commitment, yet others will make you feel extremely lonely. Some transits will make you feel obsessed about love and one particular transit will make you want to break free from all restrictions and responsibilities that come with marriage and other relationships. This is the transit of Uranus when it makes an adverse aspect to your natal Venus.

When Uranus makes conjunction, square, opposition, or even a semi-square to your Venus, it makes you seek novel experiences in love and relationships but without any sense of commitment or responsibility. In fact, it makes you so independent that it can easily break up an existing marriage. Luckily, this transit does not happen that often as Uranus takes 84 years to complete a cycle. Approximately every 21 years, it will make an adverse aspect to your Venus. If it also coincides with one of Saturn’s 7-year period, it will make it almost impossible to keep your marriage unless you were born in the East (yes, culture and traditional values to make a big difference!).

On the positive side, Uranus aspects of Venus increases your artistic side and makes you more inventive in interior decoration, digital art, photography, video editing, and fashion design. The difference between a positive and a negative aspect from Uranus is that you will have a very odd and eccentric taste when it makes an adverse aspect! You will try new fashion or use exotic material for art and painting or in fashion.

It is very unfortunate that so many relationships break up under a Uranus transit because as soon as the person has this deep need to break free from every restriction, they become very irresponsible and there is usually nobody to make them aware of their commitments. Especially in the West, men and women think they are having a great time as they find their new freedom but don’t realize that in about two or three years, this transit will pass and they will become normal again. However in the meantime, they may have completely destroyed a home, a family, and lost the opportunity to make their existing relationship more exciting by getting into new things or planning new escapades together.

If you find your number in the list accompanying this article, our suggestion would be to be very careful in leaving an existing relationship because you are not in a proper frame of mind and are only thinking of short term excitement. You may feel bored in your marriage or feel a need for freedom, which is all quite valid. Express this need to your partner and get involved with new creative activities rather than suddenly taking steps which may be irreversible and involve your whole family.



What to Expect during an Adverse Uranus-Venus Transit

If Uranus makes an aspect to your natal Venus (Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed in this article), then you should be aware of the following:

• You will seek unusual relationships in order to satisfy your thirst for novelty.

• You will attract partners who are brilliant and original but also very eccentric and unconventional.

• Unless you have other stabilizing factors in your chart, you will have to be careful that your attractions do not lead to a sudden separation or divorce.

• You will be drawn to partners who are involved with computers, marketing, networking, and the media.

• You will be drawn to eccentric partners with unusual taste and lifestyle.

• If your marriage is very restrictive, then you will not care for family tradition while breaking free from it. Try not to be too hasty in your decisions.

• This often points to living with someone in an open partnership.

• If you are not born with a Uranus/Venus aspect but are going through it by transit, then be careful that you do not disrupt your marriage just because you feel bored.

• This transit indicates originality in art, music, fashion design, and interior decoration. Explore these areas while it lasts.

• After this transit is over, you will become more settled and stable in love matters.

• This period often coincides with exciting relationships which finish just as suddenly!

• The best way to offset this transit is to get involved with something which satisfies your need for artistic and musical freedom.

• Explore different forms of art with an emphasis on modern and futuristic styles.

• Try to find new ways of making your existing relationships more exciting.

• While gaining freedom, be careful that you do not become totally irresponsible in love and hurt everyone around you.

• Venus represents financial matters as well and this transit often coincides with new sources of earnings and unusual or novel professions.

Note: Your Client number may appear in more than one list. For couples, suffix A is for the husband and B for the wife.

Subscribers Going through an Adverse Uranus/Venus Transit:

The following subscribers are born with Venus between 16° and 29°59’ of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Sudden attractions, unexpected breakups, need to break free from restrictive relationships, etc. is what this transit usually indicates. Uranus’s adverse transit to your natal Venus promises a roller coaster ride in love matters for about three years between 1999 and March 2003:

Public Figures: Prince William, Hillary Clinton, and Michael Jackson.



Are You Born With An Adverse Aspect Between Uranus and Venus?

If you are born with an adverse aspect between Uranus and Venus, then the points given in this article will apply to you all your life, and you will have to be careful of sudden breakups and erratic flings (Princess Diana). You will be drawn to the unusual and out of the ordinary experiences. However, this can also indicate absolute genius when it comes to art and music (Michael Jackson).

Public Figures: Larry King, O.J. Simpson.



Are You Born With A Positive Aspect Between Uranus and Venus?

Those of you who are born with a positive aspect between Venus and Uranus(sextilesemi-sextile or trine) will have a similar attitude towards love as those who have Venus in Aquarius (mentioned above), except that you will not be as cool and aloof (unless you also have Venus in Aquarius). You will be drawn to the Aquarian type of partners i.e. those who are very bright and involved in marketing, computers, electronics, and space-age technology and the media.

This aspect is excellent for originality in the art (expression of beauty and love) or music if you have the talent. You will still be drawn to unconventional relationships but will remain more responsible than someone with an adverse Venus/Uranus aspect.

Public Figures: Larry King, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, composer Schubert, Prince Charles, and poet Omar Khayyam.


If You Born with Venus in Aquarius

All points mentioned above for the Uranus/Venus aspects also apply to those who have Venus in Aquarius, because this sign is “ruled” by Uranus. This is a very independent and loyal placement of Venus. These people are very cool, aloof and almost distant. They respond more to affection than to passion.

Those with Venus in Aquarius often have originality in art and music if the talent is present and many composers, including Chopin, were born with it.

The following Subscribers have Venus in Aquarius:

Famous People: Albert Schweitzer, actor Robert Wagner, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, composers Chopin, Maurice Ravel and Wolfgang Mozart, Gloria Steinem (family values upset by her feminist agenda), Gloria Swanson (actress from the silent era who married 6 times!), Henry Matisse, Ivana Trump, Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker, Kim Novak, Lord Byron, Mary Tylor Moore, Mao Tse Tung, Nick Nolte, Nostradamus, Oprah Winfrey, Rupert Murdoch, singer James Earl Ray, Vanna White (Wheel of Fortune).




Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius and when Uranus makes an aspect to Venus, you are drawn to erratic, eccentric and out of the norm people. Relationships with Aquarians are a strong possibility but definitely not long term. This is the most unstable transit to affect one’s love life and it seems to happen suddenly and with unpredictable consequences.

In short, Uranus makes you very erratic, unconventional and noncommittal in love matters. This transit not only makes you break the family tradition in love matters, but it also changes your artistic taste and fashion sense. This does not mean that every one of you will suddenly start wearing strange clothes and have one fling after another! However, you will at least start appreciating modern art, acrylic paints and will have the desire to be more independent. Just make sure that you do not suddenly decide to walk off from your marriage because you will become stable again in about two years time!

We will discuss the negative aspects from Uranus to your natal Venus (which you are born with), as well as adverse aspects to your natal Venus that you may be experiencing for about two to three years because of Uranus’s transit.


venusVenus represents your romantic side and your attitude toward love, marriage, and relationships. It also represents your taste in art, beauty, and aesthetics. The house position of Venus shows your obsessions and areas of your life which gratify you the most. This house often represents your source of earnings e.g. Venus in the twelfth house indicates money through research (love of secrets and secret love affairs!).


uranusUranus adds unconventionality to the nature of the planet it touches. It gives almost an electric magnetism as well as erratic love when it aspects Venus. Uranus makes you break free from tradition, which may be good for sudden attractions but can be very disruptive for the family.


These aspects are excellent for originality in the art (modern and untraditional), fashion design (usually futuristic, space-age type or totally off-the-wall!) and creative ideas in videos and photography. However, when it comes to love and marriage, those with Uranus/Venus aspects demand a lot of freedom and independence to keep their interest. Being too erratic in love, they can be very unfaithful to their partner, especially if they are in a boring relationship. Unexpected attractions and sudden breakups are very common.




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