Erratic Mood Swings and Family Upheavals

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Erratic Mood Swings and Family Upheavals

Erratic Mood Swings and Family Upheavals If you are prone to sudden mood swings and have experienced family upheavals, you may have been born with a Moon-Uranus aspect. If you are just experiencing this temporarily, then Uranus may be touching off your Moon for a few months or even two to three years.

Although this aspect can give you sudden visual ideas and is excellent if you are involved with the media or on television, your home and family life can be very unpredictable if you are born with or are going through a Moon-Uranus aspect or transit, and don’t sublimate it properly. An adverse aspect between Moon and Uranus can also lead to emotional upheavals if not understood.
The Moon represents your home and family, your moods, emotional security, feelings (not love which is represented by Venus), public response and women in general. It also represents your subconscious (dreams).




Adverse Uranus-Moon Transit

Although a lot depends on other stabilizing factors in your chart, if Uranus makes an adverse aspect to your natal Moon (Subscribers whose Client numbers are listed in this article), you should be aware of the following:

• You need work that somehow stimulates your visual perception (art, interior design, multimedia, television, photography, choreography, etc.).

• You will be excellent for professions involving the media and the public.

• You will be prone to sudden mood swings. Sudden mood swings are different from Depression which is a Saturn-Moon aspect.

• You can be brilliant and original in your ideas but also quite eccentric and unconventional, especially in family matters.

• Unless you have other stabilizing factors in your chart, you are prone to sudden nervous exhaustion and high anxiety.

• You will need to avoid panicking after the stress is over and crisis situations.

• If you are not born with a Uranus/Moon aspect but are going through it by transit, then use this opportunity to get involved with new visual mediums. Take up interior design or Feng-Shui. Avoid creating upheavals in your home and family.

• This aspect can indicate sudden flashes of insight especially through dreams but not productive follow-up.

• You may have an imaginative mind but maybe too easily distracted.

• You need a practical friend to make your unusual dreams productive.

• Your emotions can be very changeable, which makes it hard to predict how you feel about situations from one time to another. You need to learn to truly relax and avoid crisis situations.

• You may develop unusual emotional attachments or relationships, and will not tolerate having your feelings dictated even by those you love.

• You are most likely to experience unorthodox family situations and sudden changes in residence from time to time.

• You may have difficulties dealing with unexpected situations for which you are almost always unprepared. Do not to set yourself up for the crisis.

• You are naturally inclined to personal independence but circumstances will force you to become even more that way.

• Unexpected events from time to time will force you to make major changes or to strike off in a totally new direction.

• There is always certain irritability in your emotional character even if you appear pleasant and easy-going outside.

• You need a practical friend to make your unusual dreams productive.

• You tend to become restless, nervous, and impatient with domestic ties.

• You will learn best through audiovisual means, computers, and CD Roms.

• You may have a talent for advertising and web design.

• Your need for freedom and independence drive you to create upheavals in your home and family.

Please Note: Your Client number may appear in more than one list. For couples, suffix A is for the husband and B for the wife. The Client numbers listed do not have a zero in front, so if your Client # is C-09, it will be listed as C-9.

The following subscribers are born with an adverse Mercury/Uranus aspect and all the qualities mentioned in this article apply to you all your life. You need to be careful that you do not create upheavals in the life family simply because you have a fierce need for freedom. Get involved with something visual and you will be able to offset your erratic mood swings:

The following Subscribers have Moon between 0 and 5 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn and all the points listed in this article apply to them already from March 2011 till March of 2013. You have probably experienced a strong need to break free from domestic routine, changed your homes, gone through erratic mood swings, and probably created feelings of instability in your family. You can offset this transit by taking on hobbies that are more visual and being more considerate of the feelings of your family and children:




Uranus represents the erratic and unconventional side of you and the inventive side of your nature. Its aspects to the Moon increase your originality when it comes to anything visual (excellent for architecture and interior decoration), but also makes you more erratic and less conventional in all matters pertaining to your home and family.



The cycle of Uranus is over 84 years, so it is not often that it makes similar aspects to the same planet. When Uranus makes any aspect to your Moon (positive or adverse), it makes you very independent and unconventional in family matters, which makes it very unstable for home and marriage, even as it increases your ability to visualize.



You can have a positive Moon-Uranus contact (sextile and trine) or a negative one (conjunction, square, and opposition). An adverse aspect (the topic of this issue) increases one’s tendency to create sudden upheavals at home and brings about the constant crisis in the family and in the life of children.


It also leads to sudden disruptions in the family, erratic mood swings, manic depression, and upheavals in the family when Saturn touches it off every 7 years. A positive Moon-Uranus aspect (next issue) gives a talent for visual perception and is excellent for videos, media, television, and interior decoration.


Moon in Aquarius

Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius so those with Moon in Aquarius also show some of the Moon-Uranus traits listed in the article. They have a freedom vs closeness dilemma and often have sudden upheavals at home and in the family. However, it is an excellent aspect for media, television, and publicity as well as the visual arts. Princess Diana with her erratic mood swings is a perfect example. She brought sudden upheavals in the family on more than one occasion, yet was very popular with the media.

Public Figure: Arsenio Hall, Caroline Kennedy, Debbie Reynolds, Jane Mansfield, Princess Diana, Sandra Bullock, actress Joanne Woodward, JFK Jr., Woody Allen.




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