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August 13, 2019by Hassan Jaffer

Fashion and Accessories Colors are very important as they instantly connect you with a certain mood.  There are a different mood and energy which everyone feels on a daily basis depending on the Moon and other planets. For example, when Moon is in Gemini, everyone is in a light-hearted mood and there is an emphasis on communication. Similarly, when Moon is in Cancer, everyone seems to be interested in family and restaurants or making gourmet food, etc.  When Moon is in Scorpio, everyone seems to be on a dark moon.

We made an app called AstroTies which is available for Android at the moment but we will have it soon for iOS as well.  AstroTies gives you the colors for today based on both Venus as well as the Moon sign for the day and your location anywhere in the world.

The 12 colors used correspond to the 12 Areas of Life known as the 12 Housesin astrology.

Here are the 12 colors along with their corresponding numbers:




As this is all part of our Astro-Life Coaching, we are adding links to Amazon sites which pertain to fashion and accessories. We will also add a link for music as it is also affected by the Moon position and even the tempo and instruments used.

We have already made apps for the audio and you can see both the colors as well as the audio for the day in AstroCalendar which is a personal website which enables you to use your free choice most effectively.



Fashion and Accessories Colors is also featured in our Horoscope pages where you can see daily colors for entires months at a time. Click the link below to see all the colors and use the colors of the month to choose which colors to wear. You can use the colors of the month to select the dress or the accessories color to wear.

Click the Women Dresses below for Amazon link

Women Dresses




Hassan Jaffer’s Fashion app Astroties


We have an app for Android called AstroTies which gives you the Fashion and Accessories Colors on a daily basis. You can also click on any day of the calendar and check out which colors to wear.




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