Gabriel García Márquez

April 21, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez, the most popular Spanish-language writer since Cervantes, was born in a rainstorm reflective of the Sun, Mercury Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. This is just one sign of someone who must have loved the ocean, the water, and was drawn to the inspirational sadness of others.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Pisces made him acutely sensitive to the needs and plight of the common people. Mercury close to Uranus in Pisces made him quite brilliant and erratic but also an inspired genius in the way he portrayed the emotions and got everyone involved in his novels. Moon in 12th gave him a powerful subconscious and Moon trine Neptune a visual sense of drama and the ability to communicate drawing visual analogies.

Mercury in Pisces carries a certain amount of comfortable sadness to it (tenor Beniamino Gigli and singer Celine Dion), which has the empathetic bond with the masses and feels their pathos in such a poetic way that it touches your soulía-márquez

Hassan Jaffer

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