Germanwings Airbus A-320

March 27, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Germanwings Airbus A-320, en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, crashed into the Alps on 24th March 2015 with 150 people on board. As the Captain of the plane left for a few minutes, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked his captain out of the cockpit and immediately engaged the autopilot for a rapid descent; from a 38,000 feet altitude to the lowest possible setting of 96 feet and began an 8 minute descent to crash the plane with 149 passengers aboard into the Alps.

We don’t have enough birth data yet and still have a lot of research to do so this is just a preliminary analysis to give you some insight into this tragedy. In the meantime, we would appreciate if you can send us any birth info that you find on any of the crash victims.

Did the co-pilot have Moon in his 8th house and having morbid thoughts? Was Saturn at the very bottom of his chart when he chooses to end his own life along with everyone else? Was the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz born with a morbid type of depression and when was the last time it was triggered off?  Was he having problems with his girlfriend, something which we find consistently as being the trigger just before such events? Was buying a brand new Audi for his girlfriend recently a way of buying his love back?

Why was the fact that Andreas Lubitz was born with a stellium (3 or more planets in a sign) in Scorpio i.e. Moon in Scorpio conj Mars conj Pluto very significant? what is the meaning of the transiting Uranus conj Jupiter which he was going through? Was this pre-planned or a spur of the moment decision? How did the Moon in Taurus trigger a hormonal reaction and made him act out his emotions.

The airlines really need to take the astrological chart of the pilots into consideration as another important tool for screening. There is absolutely nothing in medicine or any other science which even comes close to uncovering the deep layers of self-destructive urges contained in some of the charts.

It is one thing to have Moon in Scorpio but when you have it close to Pluto in Scorpio, it spells disaster for the homes and families of the masses if these people have power as they will violate the divine laws. A Moon Pluto adverse aspect in the chart of a President or a Dictator can create disasters and uprooting of families. Which US Presidents were born with an adverse Moon-Pluto aspect and are there a way to offset this negative theme?

This sacrifice does not justify any loss of lives but seems to clearly represent what Saturn in Sagittarius reflects. However, there is no doubt in our minds that the lives of thousands of future passengers will definitely be saved as a direct result of the changes being done because of this tragic event.

It is amazing how people are reminded of life and death situations when Moon goes into Scorpio (experienced by everyone for 2 to 3 days every month). Now consider the following world events and it will give you an idea of what it must be like to have it in your chart all the time.

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