Germanwings Flight 4u 9525

June 13, 2019by Hassan Jaffer

Germanwings Flight 4u-9525, en route from Barcelona to Düsseldorf, crashed into the Alps on 24th March 2015 with 150 people on board. As the Captain of the plane left for a few minutes, the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz locked his captain out of the cockpit and immediately activated the autopilot for a rapid descent; from a 38,000 feet altitude to the lowest possible setting of 96 feet and began an 8 minute descent to crash the plane with 149 passengers aboard into the Alps.

Andreas Lubitz

We don’t have enough birth data yet and still have a lot of research to do so this is just a preliminary analysis to give you some insight into this tragedy. In the meantime, we would appreciate if you can send us any birth info that you find on any of the crash victims.

Unfortunately, without the time of birth, we are missing some very essential data as we have no idea which house Mars or Saturn were transiting. Did the copilot have Moon in his 8th house and having morbid thoughts? Was Saturn at the very bottom of his chart when he choose to end his own life along with everyone else?

I will be adding to the main article as we find more information and keep you updated on our research findings. We learn a lot from this and I try to do my best in guiding you all in how to prevent such events in your own life using the AstroCalendar. This is always my main question i.e. would I have been able to warn our clients beforehand and this is what drives me to do the research day and night.

Our conclusion is that the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was not only born with a morbid type of depression but was going through it all of last year and also about 7 years ago. He would have again gone through a similar type of depression later on this year when Saturn conj his natal Moon from June till Sep 2015.

I also suspect that he may have been having problems with his girlfriend, something which we find consistently as being the trigger just before such events. He was also rather lonely (Venus in Capricorn) and reclusive type (Moon in Scorpio etc) as well to begin with. Buying a brand new Audi for his girlfriend recently sounds like a typical way of Venus in Capricorn in trying to buy back some love.

I have come to another very important conclusion: the airlines need to take the astrological chart of the pilots into consideration as another important tool for screening. There is absolutely nothing in medicine or any other science which even comes close to uncovering the deep layers of self-destructive urges contained in some of the charts.

The fact that Andreas Lubitz was born with a stellium (3 or more planets in a sign) in Scorpio i.e. Moon in Scorpio conj Mars conj Pluto (deep self-destructive feelings and vindictiveness) is very significant. He also had to transit Uranus conj Jupiter (freedom from limitations) which makes one want to just give up everything and go.

We believe this was not pre-planned but a spur of the moment decision where the captain left the cockpit and the co-pilot recklessly and with total abandon took the chance and destroyed the plane taking everyone with him. However, he had been having this tendency (clinical depression and self-destructive urges) from last year but finding himself alone and in full control of the plane triggered a hormonal reaction (natal Moon opposing Mars and Pluto touched off by transiting Moon) making him act out his emotions.

Andreas Lubitz engaged the switch which started the plane’s descent, beginning an eight-minute plunge into the mountainside, killing the 150 people aboard. Eight minutes is again a Scorpio number (8) and Andreas also has Moon-Mars and Pluto in Scorpio (number 8 again). However, this last part is not part of regular astrology and my own interest and research where I found #8 to keep repeating itself and it is the 8th sign of Scorpio or Pluto aspects.

It is one thing to have Moon in Scorpio but when you have it close to Pluto in Scorpio, it spells disaster for the homes and families of the masses if these people have power as they will violate the divine laws. A Moon Pluto adverse aspect in the chart of a President or a Dictator can create disasters and uprooting of families. George W. Bush’s Moon sq Pluto gave us 1.2 million tons of bombs in Iraq (where more than 50% of the population was under the age of 15) and millions of families displaced.

When I predicted the two-time presidency of Barak Obama, the one thing I wrote against was his policies in Afghanistan which had nothing to do with 911. Obama is also born with a Moon sq Pluto and the drones have killed countless civilians indiscriminately.

It is amazing how people are reminded of life and death situations when Moon goes into Scorpio (experienced by everyone for 2 to 3 days every month). Now consider the following world events and it will give you an idea of what it must be like to have it in your chart all the time.

Princess Diana’s funeral (she wrote her will also when Moon was in Scorpio also), the funeral of Pierre Trudeau (PM of Canada), King Hussain, Hafiz Assad, and JFK Jr. Another time when 1 million people had to be evacuated in Florida because of a scary 800-mile long massive storm.

As a final thought, this sacrifice does not justify any loss of lives but seems to clearly represent what Saturn in Sagittarius reflects. However, there is no doubt in our minds that the lives of thousands of future passengers will definitely be saved as a direct result of the changes being done because of this tragic event.

Germanwings Flight 4u 9525 Takeoff

Although there is an Airbus-320 taking off every 2.5 seconds, it makes sense that the passengers charts play an important part in the interaction with the timing of the plane taking off. In rare cases, the time the plane was commissioned or built itself is fated and is just waiting for the accident configuration it was destined for to be triggered off by the passenger’s transits (Malaysian Airline MH-370). There was nothing wrong with the Germanwings and it was mechanically sound….Read More

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Germanwings Takeoff

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