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June 13, 2019by Hassan Jaffer


Germanwings Flight 4u 9525 Takeoff

Although there is an Airbus-320 taking off every 2.5 seconds, it makes sense that the passenger’s charts play an important part in the interaction with the timing of the plane taking off. In rare cases, the time the plane was commissioned or built itself is fated and is just waiting for the accident configuration it was destined for to be triggered off by the passenger’s transits (Malaysian Airline MH-370). There was nothing wrong with the Germanwings and it was mechanically sound.

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Germanwings Takeoff

There was a wide Mars conj Uranus in the sky at the time of takeoff which is one of the key indicators of freak accidents and aviation disasters. However, it was in effect for a few days already. Moon coming to opposition to Saturn is also not a good omen as it shows disappointments and sadness in the lives of families. Mars being in Aries along with Uranus makes the tendency to do something reckless even more likely. Mars in Aries could have triggered something in his brain but we don’t know the time of birth to evaluate it properly.

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Germanwings Plane Crash

Astrological Notes

Here are some other important pieces of our AstroAnalysis and insights:

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1- Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz was born with Moon in Scorpio conj Mars conj Pluto (deep self-destructive feelings and vindictiveness). I am leaving towards Virgo or Libra rising.

Apparently, he suffered a serious depressive episode when he finished his flying lessons in 2009 and went on to receive treatment for a year-and-a-half.

He had undergone rigorous training since being accepted onto the Lufthansa training scheme and was flying with an experienced captain, Patrick Sondheimer. We need the Captain’s birthdate.

Andreas Lubitz’s mother was an organist at a Protestant church near the town center. Sagittarius on 4th or Neptune in Cap in 4th?

According to records held by the FAA, Lubitz was issued his student pilot’s license on June, 6, 2010 and received his private pilot’s license on January 6, 2012Mars trine Jupiter is one of the best aspects for health and travel and also for getting a driver’s license or for aviation (free travel). Moon in 9th?

He joined Germanwings in September 2013 after gaining his commercial pilot’s license. He trained with the Lufthansa Flight Training School in Bremen and in Phoenix Arizona. Jupiter in 10 the trined Mars (major windfall configuration and excellent for transportation). Jupiter also trined Moon which is a sign of happiness. However, Saturn started conj his Moon from Oct 2013 which went on throughout 2014 and this indicates lack of sleep and iron as well as depression. It also affects eyesight.

TransitsAndreas Lubitz had Uranus conj Jupiter which makes one want to just give up everything and go and increases feelings of recklessness. He had this transit for some time already and just needed to bide his time before things in the personal front got better. this is the classic aspect of sudden windfalls and sudden losses depending on the timing.

He engaged the button which started the plane’s descent, beginning an eight-minute plunge into the mountainside, killing the 150 people aboard. 8 min again a Scorpio number and the pilot has Moon-Mars and Pluto in Scorpio.

I checked the charts of some of the passengers and they were born with a Mars-Saturn aspect (accident configuration and danger from fire) in their natal chart.

2- Oleg Bryjak was an opera singer who had just given what became his last performance in Barcelona, Spain. He was born with a Mars opp Saturnaccident configuration which got touched off by transiting Moon in the last degrees of Taurus.

Moon touched off his natal Mercury squ Uranus, which is like sudden shock and when people are susceptible to nervous breakdowns (he was born with this configuration). His Mercury in Scorpio was similar to Pavarotti so he must have been quite talented also.

3- Maria Radner was a talented Contralto with Mercury cnj Venus in Taurus, an an indication of a very pure voice and a genuinely talented singer. Her Moon opp Neptune gave her the acute sensitivity she needed to render Edna’s role in Wagner’s operas.

She was also born with a Mercury opp Uranus (brilliant renditions) like Oleg Bryjak above but also an indication of sudden shocks or nervous breakdown.

4- Passenger Greig Friday born with Mars pop Saturn, which got touched exactly by transiting Uranus. AstroCalendar shows this as an aspect of freak accidents and also danger through aviation. Pluto was also exactly touching off the Mars opp Saturn aspect and both Uranus and Pluto were continuously making this transit from last year  and would have continued for another year at least

The astrologer is like an acute observer of the laws of nature and has to find some meaning in the events regardless of how tragic they are…..Read More

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