Greece and Euro Zone

July 5, 2015by Hassan Jaffer0

Greece and Euro Zone

Greece and Euro Zone question is a complicated political event which also reflects the irresponsibility and lack of vision of the Greek government in failing to implement constructive reforms and stimulating the economy.  What does Greek PM Alexis Tsipras’s horoscope reveal as to his capability and outcome to the ‪#‎Greek‬ ‪#‎referendum‬? Saturn sq his Moon is one of the aspects of disappointments till the end of this year. However, there is a luck element to the country itself from mid-Aug onwards. Moon represents a mother figure so the no-nonsense person here is Germany’s Angela Merkel!

Mercury in Cancer is usually very good in communication but with a Saturn opp to his Mercury, he is cautious to the point of missing out on opportunities. He is also not a gambler by any means and his referendum was a strategy to save face which is going to backfire on him. Pluto sq his Mercury and Saturn (once in a lifetime) shows forces beyond his control will now allow his plans to gain fruition. Global events and masses will force him to rethink his strategy.

Mr. Tsipras does care for families and older people but he would have been an excellent person to implement the austerity measures actually rather than a positive visionary that he imagines himself as. He is a Leo like Obama, but unlike Obama’s Mercury in Leo, his Mercury is in Cancer like Donald Trump. Although it gives him a good understanding of people’s needs (along with Venus in Cancer which gives good family values), it makes him too protective of his roots to be rational in playing at a global stage. We feel Greece will remain in Euro zone but will have to start doing some strong austerity measures very soon.

Jupiter in Leo will help the Greek PM only in July till mid-Aug but he is setting the country up for hard times and Europeans will be more upset at his trying to demonize them when they are the ones who have been bailing Greece out all the time especially Germany. Saturn Moon sq is exact not but it goes on all of 2015 and it indicates Angela Mekel as being the key figure who is going to be emotionally tough this time.

Hassan Jaffer

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