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June 13, 2019by Hassan Jaffer



Hassan Jaffer Astro-Life Coaching is the result of years of research and having done the horoscope charts of thousands of clients around the world.  Astrological Life Coaching is basically what I have done with all these clients for many many years. There is hardly any area of life that I didn’t guide them in and I want to take the essence of all that experience and turn it into one of the best programs in life coaching available anywhere in the world.

I have started this section to provide you with some guidelines and tips on the proven life coaching techniques my clients have benefited from, which you can apply in your own life without having to spend any time on theory.

Life Coaching is done at many levels.  It is one thing if you want to write a book or some other project and want to set some goals and timing. It is quite another if you want to maximize your fullest potential and lead a balanced life and focus on all the important areas of your life, not just one aspect of it. Leading a balanced life is part of our life coaching program.

“There is in the life of every man an instant which decides his entire future”…Alexandar Dumas


Although this moment is so important, it is rarely prepared for by calculation or directed by the will. Almost always it is chance which has taken the man like the wind does a leaf, throwing him into a new and unknown channel where, once he has entered it, he is obliged to obey a superior force, and where, quite believing he is following his own free will, he becomes the slave of circumstances and the plaything of events.”…Alexander Dumas.

The destiny and success of every human being are governed by three pre-destined essentials:

Temperament, individuality, will power and personality is the bricks of character which are to a great extent our natural inborn traits. The sum character of a person is directly traceable to the planetary configurations at the time of his birth.

Your Aptitude is Pre-destined-to an extent which few suspect, and is hidden in many cases. Physical and mental traits would be responsible for success in boxing or wrestling, and intellectual and emotional aptitude for writing or science, etc.

The moment in which a person’s opportunity crops up is that very vital moment which Alexander Dumas writes as being “the instant which decides his entire future”.  Your horoscope contains all the essential information required by an astrologer to forecast when that opportunity will occur.

The first thing you need to do as part of the Hassan Jaffer Astro-Life Coaching is the following:

1- Discover all your talents and limitations and then select which ones you should focus on based on your timing and many other factors which I will help you with.

2- Understand the timing of your success. This is the key to the planetary transits and when they are most favorable. Many famous people have struggled for many years till they got that one opportunity which skyrocketed them to success and fame.

For example, although you are born with many talents and potential, you may be going through a transit which makes you acutely sensitive to art, beauty or music. Sometimes these transits last only a year or so but they can be life-changing opportunities and often follow events where something precious is denied in your life.  It is easy to miss them but if you have the 12 Month Forecast, it will pick up on this and give you the dates and how you can best make use of these transits.

I spent a lot of time writing the content of the reports and developing the software programs so you can apply these laws of nature in your own life.  I will also introduce you to some absolutely amazing cycles that you are born with and the order of which remains the same all your life.

I have never written about some of the topics which I am going to discuss and instead of developing more and more tools (we have already done over 400 projects) I decided to just start sharing this knowledge with all of you.

There are some essential reports and tools that I have developed and they all complement each other. You can get these tools now or as part of your coaching program but it may be better for you to get them and do some evaluation on your own first. We will be referring to these reports and other personalized tools throughout our program.

Your Indepth Personal Analysis Report will make you aware of your talents and limitations and Your 12 Month Forecast will give you the best timing to plan your future.

If you are serious about realizing your full potential and want to turn your life around then get these reports and join our Astrological Life Coaching Program.

There is a time to build your groundwork and another time to come out in the public. This is all part of our life coaching and we hope you will be able to transform the lives of others by the gifts that Nature has given you in your talents.

Some of the tools like the AstroCalendar give you immediate control of your life as they accurately reflect your inner timing and you can verify this on a daily basis. The feedback you give us is also important for me to understand your themes and the best ways to offset them.

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  4. Your Future Timing
  5. Your Emotional Cycle
  6. Your 29 Year Cycle




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