Hillary Clinton Horoscope

Hillary Clinton horoscope is actually quite complex so here are the main aspects and our analysis


Astrological Highlights

Sun in Scorpio sq Saturn = Very tenacious and single-minded.

Moon trine Jupiter = Excellent public response.

Moon in Pisces in 11th = Strong humanitarian tendencies especially feels for children and senior citizens. Acutely sensitive to the needy and poor. However Mercury also being in Scorpio and with 4 planets in water signs, she may not be very objective and one has to be the underdog to be her friend.

Moon sq Uranus = Good for media but upheavals at home. Erratic mood swings. Manic depression late 2008 till summer 2009.

Mercury in Scorpio sq Saturn = Left-handed. Very stubborn but focused. Neither forgets nor forgives easily. Very thorough researcher.

Mercury conj. Venus = Eloquent in speech. Well-spoken. Writing.

Venus in Scorpio sq Saturn = Very loyal but few friends. Can hang on to lost causes.

Mars conj. Saturn in Leo = Authority conflicts. Accidents. Heart.

Mars conj. Pluto = Often an indication of violence.

Mars in Leo = Fancy cars (limos). Temper because of delicate ego.

Mars sxt Neptune = Obsessive tendencies.

Neptune in 5th = Daughter Chelsea is a Pisces (Neptune rules Pisces). Daughter will be very humanitarian as well..

Scorpio on 6th-7th house cusp: Enemies at work and husband may undermine her interests.


Nov 2016 Update: We finally have the 45th President and as expected it was Donald Trump whose planets are on the rise. We can also confirm that Hillary was born in the morning and as I said in the last update it is impossible for her to win as  Saturn will be going down in her chart.

Updated June 2006:

Senator Hillary Clinton has a lot of communication difficulties from Aug. 2006 until Aug. 2007. As Saturn is transiting the obscure sector of her chart, she will tend to keep a very low profile and we do not see her being successful in her bid for The Presidency at all. In fact, it would be quite contrary to her inner timing for her to even make a bid at this time. After 2009 or 2010 onwards, we see her rising in terms of public support. 2006 and 2007 is a good time for her to lay the foundation for future success and also to look after her health. (This prediction already came true as she lost the Presidential nomination).

Update of Election Transits:

Primary Indiana: 6 May 2008: We predict a decisive win for Obama: This has the transits exactly reversed for the two candidates. Hillary has Saturn going down whereas Obama has it moving up and training his Jupiter (exactly opposite to Pennsylvania!). This will really propel Obama ahead and in the eyes of the superdelegates.

Primaries: Pennsylvania 22 April 2008: We predict a win for Hilary who has Moon moving above the horizon and conjunct her Jupiter (good public response and happiness). Obama has Moon going down the horizon and Mars opp Saturn.

Latest Update 30 Dec 2012

Hilary Clinton’s Health

In our last update on June 2006 below, we mentioned that “Mars, Saturn, and Pluto close together in Leo in her 3rd house indicate the verbal fights at her home even when she was at the Whitehouse! This also indicates danger to her heart but we feel that this may point to a Brain aneurysm that she is very susceptible to (especially if she has Taurus rising which puts Aries on her 12th). The conjunction is probably in her 4th house so the fights at home.

Hilary’s Mars-Saturn conjunction is getting touched off by Saturn from Jan to Mar 2013 and at the end of 2013 and in 2014 which often points to any surgeries. Besides Saturn, Mars can also trigger this configuration at least four times every year. Mars sets off her aspect next on 21st Jan, 10 May and 30 Sep 2013. These are called “accident configurations” but in her case, as she has Aries as part of her 12th house (major health house), this becomes more dangerous. However, Saturn is rising in her chart and she will most likely recover but she always has to be careful of too much stress.

The Mars conj Saturn in Leo, considered a major accident configuration, is one of the indication of heart and head related illnesses. However, it is the frustration and running out of time constantly which seems to trigger both the stroke as well as any brain tumors. As Hilary is not a multitasking person (Mercury in Scorpio), her high-powered job brings on even more stress.

In Dec 2012, she had a Mars sq Neptune (scandals, nightmare period and reduced immune system) when it started. and the attack was probably triggered by the likes of John McCain and the misguided Congress, who have nothing better to do than to waste millions and wanting her to testify about Benghazi.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise both have Saturn Mars adverse transits during the same period as well. Legal matters and any problems with authority figures are also part of the same aspect. Here is a complete article about the Mars-Saturn adverse transit and how you can offset it.

Rectification of Hilary Clinton Horoscope Chart

Updated July 2008

I just realized that Hillary Clinton’s Ascendant may be Taurus instead of Gemini and here is the astrological reasoning behind it:

Hillary Clinton could be about 29 deg Taurus rising (although I really think she has Scorpio rising). This would give her a little bit of Taurus and mostly Gemini in the first. She is definitely not fickle in anything like a Gem rising. She has that Taurus stocky figure and is beginning to show the glandular features near her throat.

If she has Taurus rising then her planets are moving up but if she has Scorpio rising, then her planets will be coming down and she will not get the public approval she needs.

1- When she met Bill Clinton, her future husband, Jupiter was in Sag in her 7th (he was studying law like her!).

2- When Chelsea was born, Saturn was in her 5th (restrictions due to children) and Jupiter was also transiting her 5th (lucky for having children).
3- In 2008 she raised more millions than in any time in her life, guess where Jupiter was transiting? In her 8th of course!
Moon in Pisces in her 11th is the volunteer work etc that she is involved in (almost similar to Neptune in 11th with Scorpio rising).

5- Elected a senator when Saturn touched her 1st house (new responsibilities).

Saturn is starting to rise in her chart and Jupiter will be on top in the 10th in 2009, indicating she is on her way to being involved with a lot of charities and issues pertaining to the welfare of the people but not as President Saturn is still below the 7th house (in her 5th in fact).

Neptune in her 5th house also indicates her Pisces daughter Chelsea as Neptune “rules” Pisces! Chelsea will probably be very humanitarian.

What Do Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in 4th indicate? Fights at home and arguments even when she was in the White House. Her fame was not for herself but when was at the WH entertaining heads of different countries. Saturn is not in her 3rd but a Saturn sq Mercury will also make her left-handed, which she is.

When she found out about her husband’s tryst, Moon was in Aries going into Taurus in her 12th house.

Her open enemy would be her 7th house (Scorpio on 7th) which makes sense even though Bill Clinton helped her a lot, it was because of him and his enemies (like that stupid Kenn Starr who wasted $40 million) that brought her a lot of humiliation.

Bill Clinton has Aries and Taurus on his 7th, which would match her personality if she has Taurus rising. Taurus is also one of the most dependable rising signs along with her Venus in Scorpio (in terms of her marriage).


Detailed Analysis

Here is the chart of a very determined and deeply committed Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Regardless of what people think of her, she certainly is very dedicated to her causes and has her own agenda. Although she is not a selfish person, she will have no calms about using people if she feels it is going to help her in her cause. This is probably one of the main reasons she stuck with Bill Clinton, who really helped her a lot in her career as far as contacts in concerned.

Hillary Clinton’s chart is that she has Mercury in Scorpio square to Pluto and Saturn. This is not only the hallmark of a stubborn dictator who demands absolute loyalty, but she also cannot undo the damage when she violates Divine truths. She cannot identify with normal housewives and can change the whole system and not be able to undo it. It also makes her very sarcastic particularly with those she is close to.

The biggest challenge for her is to get a good team together. She is a loner and it is difficult for her to trust anyone. She is a very loyal friend to have, but don’t cross her as she neither forgets nor forgives. She is very dedicated to whatever cause she chooses to support but the problem is that to be her friend, you have to have a few problems! She is a natural savior but unlike her husband President Clinton who had intelligent leadership ability, she is very secretive and likes to keep complete control over everything she does.

Her 6th house is Libra and Scorpio with Neptune also there, which indicates that she would work well with Bill Clinton who has Libra rising. It also shows that her enemies will be mostly because of her husband. This is also the rising sign of the U.S. which she obviously is very dedicated to.

Her 7th house is Scorpio Sagittarius which indicates her lessons of life involving her marriage partner. Pluto leaving her 7th house (last degrees are always more critical) indicates that President Clinton has to be very careful of his health especially as Saturn squares his Mars again from summer 2009 for one year. Jupiter in her 7th shows the philosophical ideas and the international and multicultural values promoted by her husband.

Mars, Saturn, and Pluto close together in Leo in her 3rd house indicate the verbal fights at her home even when she was at the Whitehouse! This also indicates danger to her heart but we feel that this may point to a Brain aneurysm that she is very susceptible to (especially if she has Taurus rising which puts Aries on her12th).  (Ed: The conjunction is probably in her 4th house so the fights at home.)

From late summer 2008 till the end of 2009, Senator Hillary Clinton has Saturn squaring her Moon in Pisces. This is a very depleting aspect and people tend to age under this transit. There may be setbacks which pull her down emotionally and she will be well advised to give herself lots of physical rest during that period. This transit is not good for the home life and family and could also point to a family member’s health not being very good. It also affects the eyesight.

Some other people who were born with Mercury in Scorpio are the Shah of Iran, ex-PM of Canada Pierre E. Trudeau, Mahatma Gandhi, Jodi Foster, Madame Curie etc.

Her Mercury-Jupiter wide conj. give her a philosophical bent but she is more quietly persuasive than having the oratory charm of Bill Clinton. She tends to grow on people.


Will Hilary Clinton Run for the U.S. Presidency Again?

With Saturn slowly rising up in her chart (if she has Taurus rising), Senator Hillary Clinton has already shown her resolve and her ability to come out in the public. Although we were right about Barak Obama as being the presidential nominee, her planets are right behind and we see her definitely coming up again. Late 2008 until the end of 2009 is her main challenge due to events relating to her husband.

2016 will be the year when her planets start moving down and politicians won’t get the public response they need to get recognition and in fact retire or forced to keep a low profile.



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