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September 5, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

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Joan Rivers, the Queen of comedy, was truly gifted and had Mercury close to Venus in the sign of Gemini. Venus beautifies the voice (many singers are born with it like Elvis and Celine Dion) or as in the case of Gemini, gives them a wit.

Bob Hope was also born with Mercury in Gemini and they both had it trined to Saturn in Aquarius (inventive and unconventional age group) which gave them the organized mind and the ability to do something practical with it.

Having Gemini in the 3rd House cusp as well as Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, communication was her best asset and being articulate came naturally to her. It also gave her a very flexible and versatile mind. She could think fast and makeup things on the fly and Mercury sextile Uranus made her exceptionally bright and quick-witted as well.

Mars conjunct Jupiter gave her a tremendous amount of sudden bursts of energy but also one who would take chances and take on too much. She also had Mars close to Neptune which is the sign of an obsessive personality but the form of addiction is, of course, your free choice. Mars, Jupiter and Neptune all being in the sign of Virgo made her quite health conscious and probably into organic and healthy food.  However, Mars conjunct Neptune is also one of the nightmare configurations and the danger of even preventive health procedures going astray.

Surgery During Major Accident Configuration

Sun and Mercury were in her 6th house and she went in for a throat procedure (endoscopy) which is practiced all over North America by thousands of people.

However, Mars and Saturn were both in her 8th house (matters pertaining to life and death) and Mars squared her natal Saturn in Aquarius. Mars sq Saturn is a major accident configuration and one of the most common ones found when people go into cardiac arrest and have heart attacks.

Aquarius rules the spine and the parasympathetic nervous system and Mars sq Saturn seems to indicate originating from the brain or triggered by an adverse reaction to the anesthetics. It was just wrong timing and even our 12 Month Forecast would have picked up. it is the worst aspect for surgery and we would never have recommended her to do it at that time.

Here is what her 12 Month Forecast report would have shown for her for a few days before and after the date when she had the surgery:

You are accident prone now and should be careful of skin, teeth and kneecap injuries. Problems with law and authority may lead to major clashes. Wrong timing so bides your time and avoid crisis situations. Cut down on red meat and drink more water to control your temper and anger now. Sublimate your uncontrollable energy by getting involved with harmless physical exercises.  This is not a good time for surgeries and you may also feel very run down.

Just a few weeks before, Joan Rivers walked out in the middle of a CNN interview while promoting her latest book.  I immediately felt that perhaps she is getting a Mars Saturn aspect which is a sure precursor to heart attacks and people often get very easily annoyed and angry, but didn’t bother to look at her chart at that time. I am sure the transit was already starting to affect her and she had taken on too much and just needed to relax more and give herself more time.


Joan Rivers Transits

It is the frustration which seems to create the problem and these people need mental relaxation and to pace themselves.

This event could definitely have been prevented as I believe that we cannot increase our life span but we can certainly decrease it by misusing our free choice.

Robin Williams hands showed very good health for years ahead but he chooses to end it himself. this is the only reason why his hand doesn’t show a short Life Line.

Melissa Rivers Transits

Melissa Rivers is also exceptionally bright and has Mercury in Aquarius which gives a sarcastic wit like David Niven. Mercury in her 9th house is excellent for mass communication and Oprah is also born with the same placement.

Her entire age group is going through a nightmare period which we wrote about recently in our article about the 60s age group. In August, we wrote that “Stressful dates for the 60s and 90s Age Groups are coming up for the following age groups from 26th July to 13th Sep 2014.

In Melissa’s case, Mars happened to be in the 6th house which is clinics and preventive aspect of health. Not only was she going through a Mars Neptune aspect which happens four-time every two years. but was also having Neptune conjunct her natal Mars in her career, a continuous obsessive aspect which continues throughout 2015 as well. On the positive side, Neptune is excellent for actresses and those involved with humanitarian professions.


Melissa Rivers Transits

Both Joan River and her daughter Melissa had Saturn moving up in their chart which is great for public response and success in one’s career.

Jupiter in Leo is transiting her 3rd house which is promises success in writing, communication, and talk shows.

Pluto is transiting her 7th house which redefines one’s attitude towards marriage and relationships. Joan Rivers had this transit when her husband committed suicide actually. Saturn was touching off her Moon which made her feel extremely depressed for at least a year and was one of the saddest times in her life.

Joan Rivers was exceptionally bright and very intellectual but not wise and didn’t really care for what she said or who she upset as she really couldn’t relate to that. After 21 years being with Johnny Carson, she signed up for a show at Fox without even making one phone call to Johnny who was her mentor. Johnny Carson was a Libra with Mercury in Scorpio and felt betrayed and never talked to her again.

She never understood that probably and all she had to do was to call him before and I am sure he would have been very happy for her. Her lack of wisdom is shown by her feeling that he was out to destroy her and she completely misunderstood the true reason why he was hurt.

Joan Rivers will always be remembered as one of the wittiest women in the world and she passed away just a few weeks after one of the funniest men, Robin Williams, decided to end his life.

The world is left sad without these two brilliant comedians (who could also be often quite mean and sarcastic)  but luckily so many of their videos and shows are on the internet that their mission of bringing humor in the life of everyone will always live on.3


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