Joan Rivers, the Queen of comedy, was truly gifted and had Mercury close to Venus in the sign of Gemini. Venus beautifies the voice (many singers are born with it like Elvis and Celine Dion) or as in the case of Gemini, gives them a wit.

Bob Hope was also born with Mercury in Gemini and they both had it trined to Saturn in Aquarius (inventive and unconventional age group) which gave them the organized mind and the ability to do something practical with it.

Having Gemini in the 3rd House cusp as well as Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, communication was her best asset and being articulate came naturally to her. It also gave her a very flexible and versatile mind. She could think fast and makeup things on the fly and Mercury sextile Uranus made her exceptionally bright and quick-witted as well.

What went wrong and could it have been avoided?



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