Jupiter in Aquarius happens once every 12 years and reflects futuristic ideas and a global community of billions connected by the virtual world and high-speed internet.  What makes it especially important is that Saturn is also moving into the sign of Aquarius which makes all ideas productive as well.

Please note that some of the predictions were done during the last Jupiter in the Aquarius cycle 12 years ago!).

Jupiter in Aquarius is inventive ideas and concepts whereas Saturn in Aquarius is making those ideas available to the masses.

Jupiter is in Aquarius from 19 Dec 2020 till 13 May 2021 and again from 28 July2021  till 28 Dec 2021

Saturn is in Aquarius from 21 Mar 2020 to 1 July 2020 and again from 17 Dec to 7 Mar 2023

During the first phase when only Saturn is in Aquarius from 21 Mar 2020 to 1 July 2020, all the problems relating to the virtual world and mass communication including the internet will be encountered.

It is during the 2nd phase when Saturn, as well as Jupiter in Aquarius, will be in effect from Dec 2020 till Dec 2021 that you will see the real essence of the digital world and the unique out-of-the-box solutions, coming to fruition.

Between 14 May 2021 and 27 July 2021 when Jupiter is in Pisces for only 2 1/2 months, you will see the real magic of both the analog and digital world. This reminds me exactly of the chart of Steve Jobs (he was a Pisces with Mercury in Aquarius) and we saw rain forest cafés and the iPod and the music industry going through a revolution.

This would be the time when analog records come back in vogue and there is a major transformation in the film industry.




Here is what we can expect especially from Dec 2020 till Dec 2021. Feb and Mar 2021 is the real beginning):

    • Online work becomes the norm connecting global small businesses
    • 5G technology revolutionizing the cell industry
    • A new discovery about Helium and Hydrogen leads to a solution for fusion energy
    • Fusion energy becoming a reality
    • The decrease in fossil fuel requirement
    • A major shift to replace fossil fuel with EV technology
    • First-generation of cell computers
    • Driverless Uber, trucks, and public cars
    • Driverless limos from airports
    • Flying Cars become a reality
    • Electric cars, transport trucks
    • Pilotless planes being major test
    • Wi-Fi using light
    • wearable ID and technology on clothes and jewelry
    • Major discoveries about energy create revolutionary advances in all fields
    • Major advances in neurology and synaptic connections advance brain simulation
    • New discoveries in the field of optics, light, and magnetism
    • The goal for free energy gets a major boost
    • major advances in optics and digital telescopes
    • Major revelations in time warm anomalies, anti-gravity, UFOs, magnetic travel
    • Virtual Reality gets popular for real estate, museums, and travel destinations
    • AI technology used for Virtual Psychics
    • Virtual teachers and coaches suing AI
    • Holographic dancers especially from the summer of 2021
  • Digital actors from summer 2021 (Jupiter Aquarius Pisces combination)
  • Hollywood actors digitize their audio and license it for films
  • Virtual actors and holographic models


Blockchain Used Everywhere



Predictions from 2007 for Jupiter in Aquarius

Predictions I made in 2007 still apply so read the ones below especially some themes which were dependent on high-speed internet and solar technology. These will come to fruition now as Saturn in Aquarius is exactly pointing to the constructive use of solar technology production and a much better and efficient form of internet.

Here is what we predicted before 2007 for Jupiter in Aquarius!

Jupiter in Aquarius from Dec 2020 till May 2021

This will coincide with some of the most important innovations and discoveries in the fields of optics, light, magnetism, and holography.

Mass education will increase on the Internet and online learning will boom. it will also be helped with the fastest Internet to date and new cell technology used for computers.

The field of astronomy will be helped tremendously by new ways of looking at the universe (a new type of telescope and binoculars invented). Solar cars and other means of transportation including air and water-powered (using hydrogen from the water) will be perfected during this period (helped by Saturn in Virgo).

Mass marketing, using neurology with advertising, and Internet-based holographic therapists is something we can look forward to as well! Nuclear technology will benefit also and there will probably new forms of making it discovered which is more efficient, safer, and cheaper to produce.

3D TVs and holographic projection will become more commercial.

New discoveries for Education involving the brain waves or some new form of biofeedback.

Virtual government and new social theories will all be the focus during this humanitarian period. Novel use of the Internet for mass education and helping the community




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    when will this coronavirus will come to end


    • Hassan Jaffer

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      29 Jan was the first day and the next date is 13 June once it crosses we are safe so I would say end of June. May you will see some progress though. 13 June will also coincie with major sotrms and hurricanes. In the meantime, use this calculator to see when you are vulnerable https://astrotrends.net/your-immune-system-check


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    Thank you very much, Hassan Jaffer
    Introduced by Asad Kazmi


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