Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard of the Raptors has Mars in Leo which makes him a daring and dramatic athlete with a flair. Jupiter trining his natal Mars is the best aspect for sports till the end of Oct 2019 and he will become a Legend in Jun 2019!

Tiger Woods won under the same Jupiter Mars transit also both times 12 years apart which is a Jupiter cycle.

Even though Kawhi Leonard is a Cancer with Mercury in Cancer, which gives him the ability to think for himself (being a cardinal sign), it is his Venus and Mars in Leo which brings out the charisma and daring nature.

Venus in Leo is great for designer fashion and exclusive clothing lines.  Tom Cruise has Venus in Leo and also has Mercury in Cancer like Kawhi Leonard. Nicole Kidman, Cher and Jennifer Lawrence are other examples of Venus in Leo.

What Venus in Leo is for personal charisma and exhibitionistic tendencies, Mars in Leo is for sports and fancy cars.  They have a real flair for putting on sudden bursts of incredible energy and heroic performances.

Mars in Leo points to a Legend in 2019

I am sure Kawhi Leonard of the Raptors will become a legend in June 2019 with Jupiter training both his Venus in Leo and Mars in Leo.

Hassan Jaffer

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