Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe

While seeking to unravel the complicated personality of Marilyn Monroe and her mysterious death, the most important part of this puzzle was accidentally solved by finding out that Marilyn Monroe was left-handed and my evaluating her chart for left-handed people. She had a wide Mercury- Saturn opposition but putting Saturn in the 3rd house (all astrologers have it in the 4th) not only accurately accounted for her being left-handed but for the many delays in communication that she had throughout her life, including her possibly trying to contact anyone during her last hours.

Saturn does not have to be in the 4th house to account for her unhappy childhood. Her Saturn Moon square and Moon- Neptune opposition is a strong indication of an unhappy childhood and also that it was like fantasy and very unstable – she lived in more than ten foster homes.

Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd house (short trips) would account for her father being killed in a car or motorcycle accident. If we put Saturn in the 3rd house, then two other planets change houses and suddenly her complicated and misunderstood personality starts shining through the maze of coverups.

Mars is now in the 7th house (marriage) clearly pointing to her husband being in sports – Di Maggio was a baseball hero. Neptune in 1st or 12th House? With Saturn in the 3rd house, Neptune could still be just in the first house. However, her secret love affair with a famous married man (John F. Kennedy) and her taking of excessive medication and alcohol both point to Neptune in Leo in the 12th house.

We believe that it is close to her ascendant but still in her twelfth house instead of the first which would account for her escapist tendencies. However, Neptune in Leo in the First house would account for her almost ethereal, soft and transcendental beauty with an illusionary quality to it.

Her Venus – Neptune trine gave her an ethereal beauty and a seductive aura,

photogenic appeal, and her mystical glamour.

There is always a true genuine feeling of pathos and disappointment in the life of those who have a Moon – Neptune opposition which can lead to escapist tendencies also but is fantastic to project fantasy on the screen. When this very sensitive opposition is squared by Saturn as well (a T- square), it gives them deep depressions and periods of loneliness.

Put the Neptune right on the ascendant and you can understand that when asked if she found New York as lonely a city as they said it was, she replied: “Any place is lonely when you don’t know who you are”!

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