Meredith Kercher and Amanda Knox

February 6, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

Amanda Knox is the American student was has been accused of the murder of Meredith Kercher, a student from England.  Rudy Guede, a black immigrant from the Ivory Coast, who lived in Italy from the age of 5,  was convicted and got 30 years in jail.

Amanda Knox was found guilty, then acquitted till the appeal, but found guilty again when the ruling was overturned by the Supreme Court which upheld the original ruling.  Both Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sallocito (her boyfriend for nine days)  have been sentenced to more than 25 years each.

There has been much speculation in the media and it is almost 50-50 vote amongst the public and nobody really knows whether she is guilty or not. It is divided between the US where she is the innocent all American girl, wrongfully accused by a kangaroo Italian court, and in Italy where she is the sadistic Foxy Knoxy she-devil.

I did the horoscope analysis but was waiting to get the time of births for all those involved.  I got the time of birth for Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sallocito but not for Meredith Kercher yet.

We would really appreciate if any of you can get hold of her time of birth.  The astrological analysis of Meredith, especially when we find her time of birth, could really help us save a lot of lives in the future. Ed

Astrology is the most powerful tool of nature, besides palmistry to some extent,  to find how these educated and good-looking “normal” kids could commit such a horrendous murder.

Here is my astrological analysis of the charts involved.

First of all, let me show you some visual clues which are so amazing and part of the Subconscious Awareness of Truth. The Public Relations machinery can fool the public but not a real astrologer who is familiar with the inner workings of the mind.






Here is the innocent looking Raffaele Sollecito on BBC. Although he had never committed any crime before and in fact is quite a romantic and idealistic person (Venus in Pisces like Casa Nova, where they keep going from one to the other trying to find that made in heaven match). With Mars, Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio, his real personality is shown very clearly in the picture below. Here is the same person with a meat cleaver in his hand, a true reflection of the almost demonic Mars, Saturn and Pluto stellium in Scorpio.

The intent is quite obvious and every indication of the subconscious desires of a person.  It is amazing how these things are often ignored and yet so obviously seem to point to a direct link to the inner psyche of the person. It is not their action but the intent which this image basically alludes to.

RS was also obsessed with Japanese violent manga comics and they found one of them being about killing a vampire.  More on this later when we talk about the victim and her action on the last day of her life.

Here is a Japanese manga comic that is also part of his collection and not only influenced Sollecito but shows his penchant for blood and gore.


For someone with so many Scorpio planets, this would be quite normal as it originates from the limbic part of the brain which has to do with night time (activated especially around 8 pm a Scorpio time!) and macabre and morbid themes.

The comic’s title is “The Last Vampire” and Meredith was dressed as a vampire the night before on Halloween (easy for some with Mars in Scorpio conj Pluto in Scorpio to just laugh at it and this of it as something normal).

I hate to even put these images on our site and may take it off at some future date as I don’t want it to stimulate this part of the brain of some other person. There are ways to offset these planet placements e.g. and they are excellent if you are a real ninja or want to pursue martial arts (Bruce Lee was also born with Mars and Saturn in Scorpio and used it for self-mastery).

Meredith Kercher:  Although there is no justification for this horrendous act of violence, it is really strange and almost self-destructive that the victim in this case, Meredith Kercher, wore a vampire’s costume the night before she was murdered! In fact,  according to Amanda Knox, had blood still dripping from her face when they met in the morning on the day of the murder. Subconsciously, this may have also triggered the violent urges in Amanda’s mind. Meredith had Mars  conj Pluto in Scorpio which is the only reason why she would find such dark and demonic costumes quite normal. It also ties Raffaele Sollecito’s comic “the last vampire” with her directly at least in terms of synchronicity. After all, how many people do you know who would have this a comic with exactly the same theme as what Meredith was dressed as the night before.

This reminds me of Sharon Tate who did a movie of the vampires or some similar theme and she was butchered in the same manner as the film by those close to Charles Manson. Being too much of an artist, I can’t even look at such pictures and I will probably take it off in a month or so. We would appreciate your comments in this regard as I have always felt how such things attract morbid events.

Meredith’s Mars conj Pluto (violent aspect) squared Amanda’s Mars in Leo sq Pluto. So they both brought out almost uncontrollable anger in each other. However, Meredith is the smarter of the two and less emotional and dramatic would have used her sharp British with to make cutting remarks and undermine Amanda’s Mars in Leo and make her look a fool. It is easy to see how this would have been building up and the vampire costume, the fake blood on the face, desensitized Amanda, who had been seething for a long time anyways.



Amanda Knox

In Amanda Knox’s situation, typical of Mercury opp Neptune, it has been lie after lie and denial after denial. Not only does she make up elaborate stories which contradict themselves but has probably started believing then as facts. There was always an inability to separate truth from fantasy with an adverse Mercury Neptune aspect.

If she was innocent, her family wouldn’t have resorted to a huge PR campaign. They made a big thing about the fact that they didn’t inform her of her right to have a lawyer. But that happens only during a formal interrogation, and when notified of alleged crimes and questioned by a prosecutor or judge. Amanda Knox was never asked to go to the police station where she voluntarily went and gave her statement, totally unsolicited! She just wanted to be on record with her version of the events that fateful night. In fact, in her written witness statement, she states that she’s making a spontaneous declaration. In this case, there is no need for them to inform her of her “right to a lawyer”. The American media, of course, bought it all along with the PR campaign which is still going on.

But I only want to focus on the astrological reasoning here and not the legal case itself.

It is her skewed perception of innocence (Mercury opp Neptune) and egocentric nature (Mars in Leo sq Pluto) which allowed her to blame an innocent man, her black employer, and somehow justify her uncreditable act. Her little finger being completely separate from the rest is an indication of her independent mind but also an inability to understand other people’s feelings. George Bush also had the little finger so far apart.

Even though this is quite common in Western hands, usually the little finger is not so far away from the rest and basically indicates an inability to communicate one’s feelings. She also seems to have a Simian line on the left hand which indicates no conflict between the heart and the mind so no place for conscience.  Her Moon conj Saturn does indicate a certain amount of emotional coldness (interestingly Tom Cruise also has a Moon Saturn aspect and his eyes are very similar to Amanda’s if you look closely).

Interestingly, most politicians are born with some aspect of an adverse Mercury Neptune aspect, including Ronald Reagan and even Obama, who has justified drones and the costly Afghanistan war (which I had mentioned would be disastrous when he first announced it).  ironically, the same aspect makes a person very charming and is excellent for PR, script writing and for humanitarian work.


Chart of Amanda Knox inside Meredith murder outside

It is possible that eventually, Amanda Knox may write another book, possibly from the prison, where she acknowledges some of the guilt (even as she blames it on drugs or some other excuse),  but also tried to help other young people in similar situations to avoid the pitfalls of an immoral lifestyle. After all, she was born with a Mercury trine Pluto, which gives a certain amount of wisdom element. Pluto being in Scorpio, unfortunately, she knew exactly what she was doing to Meredith and with her Mercury in Cancer, there is no doubt in my mind about her memory. There is such a strong emotional component to one’s memory that it is considered one of the best placement for it.

Mars in Leo sq Pluto in Sc shows a temper and uncontrolled temper when the ego is involved or one is ignored, as Amanda probably felt by the British with of Meredith, who herself had some self-destructive qualities (Mars in Scorpio conj Pluto, more on the later). Within about three weeks of moving into the cottage in Perugia, Amanda Knox was thrown out of a nightclub for pouring her glass on the head of a disc jockey! Feeling belittled by the fast thinking Mercury in Sag con Uranus Meredith would have certainly provoked Amanda’s anger for some time.

Forensic police concluded that a kitchen knife found in Sollecito’s apartment had Knox’s DNA on the handle and Meredith’s DNA on the blade. His Sollecito’s DNA was on the victim’s bra clasp in Meredith’s locked bedroom.

Horary Astrology: Mars (knife) in Cancer (food, kitchen, kitchen knife) in the 12th house (intrigue, betrayal, secret enemies etc) in the horizon of Perugia at the between 8:45 and 11:45 pm is amazing synchronicity when the murder most probably happened. Guide and the neighbors heard two loud screams between 9 to 9:30 pm. Strange that the neighbors didn’t call the police right away.

Both Knox and Sollecito’s mobile phones had been switched off  “practically at the same time” between 8:00 pm and 8:30 pm the night of the murder.

Rudy Guede:

Rudy Guede seems to be the most believable out of all of them. He didn’t constantly change his stories, and some of the things he said seemed to prove right. like having cuts on his hands made by the fleeing RS as was proven by the healing wounds at the time of his arrest.

His sad childhood and athletic ability (Mars conj Jupiter in Pisces is the hallmark of top athletics and track and fields).  Venus in Scorpio made him a bit reclusive and quiet in love matters but also prone to repressed passion. Venus trine Jupiter is a very wealthy aspect to have but also found in cases where the individual seeks out easy money. He was adopted by one of the wealthiest families in Italy.

Although his chart is like Ted Bundy to some extent (Mercury and Venus same placement), his Venus was sextile her Moon in Cancer (probably making her more empathetic towards his childhood),  both had Mercury very close to each other which is an important aspect of good communication.  There was also a conj between his Venus and her Mars in Scorpio, which also gives a strong attraction but in sort of a tantric bond.

I somehow do not believe that he was involved with the murder directly as his chart is so compatible with Meredith!  They both had Mercury in Sag and his Venus and her Venus are compatible by the sign. His Jupiter trines her Moon which indicates she would have been happy every time she met him.

However, his chart is very much like Ted Bundy and crimes of passion are common with Venus in Scorpio, but only if the two people are not compatible. There are too many links between their charts and he is the only one who speaks in caring terms whenever he mentions Meredith and he never changed his version of events.

One of these days I will complete this article and put up all the charts as well. I just need the time of the birth of Meredith. It is a strange synchronicity that in the sky, it was Amanda’s chart which repeated itself at the time of the murder.




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