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Michael-Verkerke-Tragedy was a 9-year-old boy who was stabbed to death yesterday by a 12-year-old boy while playing at a park. This was exactly the age group we had mentioned under stressful dates 1998 to 2011 age group and had warned about.

The boy who stabbed him was born in March 2002. Two weeks ago, I warned about the 60’s age group and also those who were born between 1998 and 2011 is in the nightmare configuration throughout Aug 2014.


The black kid said he felt unloved and had taken many pills and was also going through a Saturn opp Mars (temper and anger). He was also born with a Mars sq Neptune (addictions and bad reactions) and was also going through it by transit. This is a classic case of temporary insanity actually. Mars in Taurus is slow to anger but watch out when they do get angry as it is very hormonal anger. This boy actually had mental problems an was very obsessive and Saturn con Neptune made him realize he did something terrible. he went to a neighbor’s home to borrow their phone and called the police to come and get him as he doesn’t want to live on this earth anymore.


Jamarion Lawhorn, the boy who was stabbed was a beautiful boy and all we know is that he was 9 which means he was born in 2005 and was also going through the same Mars Neptune nightmare period. We know what this aspect is but the problem now is how to make everyone aware of it so they can do something about it. Al we can do is ask parents to be extra careful which I did mention in the article.

I am sure the boy was feeling very unloved to a dangerous degree (feeling hopeless), was not himself after taking many pills which he probably reacted to also, and had sudden anger which became very hormonal rage (Saturn opp natal Mars) and Mars touching off natal Mars sq Neptune. It doesn’t justify his actions but at least the Mars-Neptune is something we need to take seriously and find a way of how we can use this knowledge to save lives in the future.

I found the t-shirt worn by Michael Conner Verkerke, the boy who was stabbed, to be rather demonic looking. However, we don’t know what he was wearing at that time but still, the tiger with dangerous looking eyes seem to foretell some danger as well. If he was wearing that shirt then it could be a reaction to it as that is exactly what Mars-Neptune aspect would symbolize.

Park Where Stabbing Occurred

The reason I am writing about the t-shirt is that I hate the Halloween costumes of blood and gore and they are becoming more and gorier as if those who sell them and parents who allow their children to buy them are totally oblivious to the subconscious effects of such scary looking costumes. It desensitizes them the children and shows parents not capable of giving true love to their children. The main question is, how did this 12-year-old kid get a kitchen knife in the first place? Sounds like pre-meditation to me?

Even a park cannot be a safe pace for children if they are going through a Mars-Neptune transit. Please make sure your children are safe and take extra precautions to keep track of them.

I would really appreciate if you can find the exact birth dates of the two children so we could do more research.



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