Nathan Chen Olympic Champion

February 18, 2018by Hassan Jaffer


Nathan Chen Olympic Champion

Nathan Chen Olympic Figure skating champion is the one man in the world to have performed five quads!!

What kind of a mental state does it take to attempt such a feat and be successful at it?

One clue is his Headline completely separate from the LifeLine!.  This gives one an extremely daring nature who throws caution to the wind and loves speed, taking chances and taking a gamble.

I don’t think this is possible for someone who is cautious and has the Head Line joined.  This is beyond normal confidence and almost a foolhardy recklessness which holds the thought and carries out the action without being a slave to the dictates of society or even coaches.

If you want to understand more about this then just get my Leaders and Followers kindle ebook from Amazon. One or two days, you will understand the most important element of your life…your approach. In fact, when you look at anyone waving even, you will know in a minute whether the person is a cautious type or will take chances in life. One look at someone waving, and you will know if the politician will break rules (Obama and Bill Clinton) or maintain the status quo (Hilary Clinton).

This daring and rebellious, confident, reckless mind which responds to some kind of divine laws but is constantly coming in conflict with manmade laws is the hallmark of those who have the Headline widely separate from the Lifeline.

You will understand the musicians, singers, actors, politicians and even your own friend in a day or two, but most of all you will understand what your own natural approach to life is. Should you be speculating in the market or indulge only in blue chip investments and real estate?  Are you the real routine worker type or need new challenges all the time and action is important for you in everything you do?  What kind of method suits you when it comes to learning? What kind of recreational activities do you need to bring out the best in you or your children? What kind of a partner do you need to balance your own approach to life?  and much more!

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