Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond has just been diagnosed as having #Parkinsons. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look good as 1- Saturn conjunct his natal Moon is very depleting for all of 2018 and he needs iron.

Saturn moving towards the obscure phase of his chart is also when people seem to disappear and keep a very low profile. Mercury in Aquarius is brilliant but always have to be careful of nerve-related problems. They also need grounding and to walk on earth with bare feet. Our whole body is electrical but we are always shielded and have no grounding at all.  Those with Mercury in Aquarius or Mercury Uranus are most susceptible it seems.

We do wish him a Happy Birthday and hope he is able to recover from this as he has inspired millions around the world with his music.

He is also born with a Saturn sq Mercury which means he lacked trace minerals and there was a problem in assimilating. It made him quite a genius though as it harnesses the intellect.  This would come out in writing his own lyrics.

Moon conj Venus in Capricorn made Neil Diamond a lonely eagle and now Saturn touching this off makes him feel more depleted.  It also increases depression but Jupiter sextile his Moon will make him more spiritual also.

We hope he recovers from it but these are hard aspects to go through. We pray for his welfare and my aim is to be able to make the programs available so people can take advantage of them while they are young and healthy.  In his case, I would have recommended having a hobby to do with earth and also to take one spoon of iron at least twice a week to offset the Moon in Capricorn.

Neil Diamond comes from the Neptune in Virgo age group which were really good musicians and also love the countryside. It is the Blues generation and the age of suffering also. Many country singers are from that age group and they always need to change self-pity into compassion for others.

Hassan Jaffer

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