Parkland Shooting

February 16, 2018by Hassan Jaffer

Parkland Shooting

Parkland Shooting had the astrological marks all over and it is clear that we need to automate a program which warns the authorities and parents beforehand.

Mars = strife, guns, shootings, aggression
Sag = schools, stock market, Amtrack and aviation
Mars in Sag from 26 Jan till 17 Mars 2018

Mars in Sag sq Nep (nightmare aspect involving children and schools)
This accurately reflects the Florida Parkland shooting and is actually exact on 17th Feb 2018. There is an “orb” of a few degrees before and after so it was within the time frame.

I had written about the Stock Market being extremely volatile between the above-mentioned dates and it has been like that. The Amtrack derailment also happened and there was an aviation crash in Russia. The school system and students are also part of the same Sagittarius theme.

What made it more significant is the Mars sq Neptune in the sky which is a nightmare theme involving students and guns. It has been affecting those born in the ’70s and ’30s (WH scandal for Rob Porter and the domestic abuse is a typical example where the ex-wives became jealous of his success and vindictive after years of the incident and it became a nightmare for him exactly when Mars sq Neptune.

This is the type of theme which triggers violence and makes them lash out in unpredictable ways.

What are we at Let Kids Dream doing about It?

We have a non-profit organization Let Kids Dream Inc. both in the USA as well as in Canada. Although its primary aim is to find the highest potential of children and youth, autism and other ailments, a lot of our resources have gone towards building the astrology programs which are used to discover the planetary links.

We are in the process of developing such a program using AI from both Microsoft as well as IBM.  There are two factors in play here.

1- At the world level, there are major accident configurations, freak accidents and a nightmare configuration always happening in the sky at different intervals. This is the easiest part as we know the planetary cycles are fixed and when the next accident configuration will happen.

These transiting aspects accurately reflect major trends happening in around the world. Some of the transits affect different age groups at the same time and are part of the Oracle page of AstroCalendar. The mental stress and obsessions are such transits which seem to be behind many of the tragedies.

2- The chart of the perpetrator. Their Natal chart gives us the potential for criminal activity but you also have to see how it appears to them (justice for some imagined or perceived slight) to be able to prevent these tragedies in the first place.  It doesn’t justify what they do but if someone believes in something so strongly that they are willing to give up their life for it, you need to address that mentality and stop what triggers it in the first place. Why did he choose Valentine’s Day? Loneliness and shunned from society can be a major trigger as well. We need the time of birth info to get a clear picture of what caused it and how we can prevent it in future.

More than 90% of the teachers in schools in North America are female. Often the only male role model is a janitor.  Instead of encouraging sports, female teachers are more likely to get them to do knitting or other passive activities.  The boys need to be allowed to express their learning through activities as they are wired to explore and question.

than Is it any wonder that aggressive boys come home and take out all their resentment on war games and destructive VR videos games which immerse their mind, body and soul? An aggressive boy often is rebellious and defies authority and male and female teachers handle this very differently. Boys have a natural tendency to break rules not to obey them. This will never change as it is part of the instinct which is hormonal in nature. You need to sublimate it in positive ways like sports or physical activity.

Isn’t it ironic that the video games industry is spending literally billions in hiring neuro-scientists now and the latest medical breakthroughs to develop VR war games?  The same kids are ignored by our society and mental health experts who indirectly push them away to vent their anger and frustration in these games.

This article we wrote many years ago is the single most important transit along with some others which are all part of our AstroCalendar program.

2- The victims themselves and the danger they are in can be predicted with a great deal of accuracy. The accident configuration, the freak accidents and the mental stress are the most recurring themes in such events.  They are mostly innocent except for the one person or whoever they feel was responsible to turn them into criminals. A principal who “expelled” them, a student who bullied them, all are creating a danger to society and especially their students.

How You Can Help

It would be very helpful if you could do some research and get us the birthdates at least for the perpetrator and the victims’ name, birthdate.

The perpetrator’s birthdate is very important and the ideal would be if we knew their time of birth also but that is difficult to get. However, I am sure their parents will give that info once we have all this in place as they will know it will help save a lot of innocent lives.

The children’s birthdates will be very useful so we could start a system where we could warn the parents, the schools, the authorities etc to be prepared.

You can also go to Let Kids Dream and Donate to our cause as we are continuously working with coders around the world to develop programs which will make our children and youth much happier and productive.


Hassan Jaffer

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