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Astro-Palmistry Analysis


When you look at President Obama’s hand, you immediately notice that he has the Headline totally separate from his Life lIne.

This is the sign of someone who takes chances in life, breaks the rules (he was not even a governor and became a two-time president!), and is action-oriented.

His confidence makes him a natural motivator and the Leo planets make him charismatic and dynamic.

Obama is left-handed (Mercury opp Saturn) which makes him more methodical and also gives him the discipline to finish what he starts.

Mercury in Leo shows his oratory skills and the ability to think big.

Saturn-Mercury aspect reflects his more realistic and long-range planning.

President Bill Clinton and Oprah Winfrey also have their Head line totally separate from their Life line, which makes them very positive and having faith in themselves and in their ability to get whatever they want in life.  They are always very hopeful and optimistic which helps them motivate others.

They are all very confident and don’t really care for other people’s opinions when they feel they are right.

All dynamic speakers are usually born with the Head Line separate from the Life Line.



President Obama’s Signature

President Obama Headline Separate Wide

barak_obama_sig - Copy




President Barack Obama’s signature clearly shows that his real strength of character comes from himself rather than the family name. You will notice that the “B” of Barak (his own identity) is much bigger than the “O” of Obama. Being a Leo and having Mercury in Leo also reinforces self-confidence.

However, you will notice that his first name still runs into his last name (family name). In other words, although he doesn’t look up to his family heritage, he is still emotionally attached to it and feels a strong connection there.



Astrological Highlights

Sun in Leo sq Neptune
 = Inspirational ideals. Charismatic leader

Moon sq Pluto = Radical Visionary (same as his “uncle” Frank! Ability to destroy to recreate. Upheavals at home.

Mercury in Leo = Excellent oratory skills. With Neptune in 9th: Good preacher.
Leadership ability and excellent organizer and administrative skills.

Mercury in Leo opp Jupiter in Aquarius = Humanitarian goals and broadminded.
Emphasis on mass education and communication. Philosophical ideas.

Mercury opp Saturn = Left-handed and a careful deliberate way of speaking.

Mercury sq Neptune = Ability to justify (most politicians have this). Has to be careful of emotional misjudgment.

Venus in Cancer = Excellent father and very caring for families. She loves good food and is very nurturing.

Venus trine Neptune = Photogenic and seductive aura.

Mars in Virgo = Very health-conscious even though he smoked before

Mars in 7th = Assertive wife. Pluto also in 7th (life lessons may involve his wife).

Scorpio on 9th = His secret enemies will be his own preacher and religious authorities

Uranus in Leo in 7th = Sudden popularity like a rock star! The wife being has known also.


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