Priyanka Chopra Marriage to Nick Jonas

December 7, 2018by Hassan Jaffer

Priyanka Chopra Marriage to Nick Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Marriage to Nick Jonas took everyone by surprise but to an astrologer, it just proves the laws of Nature stimulating different cycles in our life.  Jupiter just went into the 7th house marriage for Priyanka and she “suddenly” married Nick Jonas the singer,  who is much younger than her.  Jupiter is a real luck element and shows marriage to a foreigner as well.

I analyzed her chart in our ebook Are You A Rule Maker or A Rule Breaker and having her Headline completely separate from the Lifeline, it makes her break every rule.  Coming from an Indian background, she still has respect for certain traditions and is still more balanced than her Western counterparts.  In the West, the women cannot handle the power and confidence the Headline separation represents and become quite rude and wearing skimpy clothes etc.  Some examples are, Madonna, Angelina Jolie,  Rihanna, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus,  Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Lindsay Lohan.



Natal Chart of Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is a Cancer with Venus in Leo (like Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise). This Venus placement makes her quite dramatic and one who loves attention and gets it and has a natural charisma about her. Having Venus trine Neptune makes her very photogenic also.  However, Mars cnj Saturn is a major accident configuration which makes her very rebellious against authority.  Having this configuration in her 5th house (children), she will have to be very careful when she is pregnant and not to take chances with a hectic lifestyle.  She can definitely handle the adventure but needs to pace herself.

Nicole Kidman has Venus in Leo

Priyanka has Mercury in Cancer which gives her very good business sense as well as giving her excellent memory.  Mercury sq Mars makes her very forceful in speech but also gives her higher range in singing.  Mercury sq Saturn can make her set in her viewpoints and also shows delays in life but it also makes her finish what she starts.  Mars in Libra is often associated with sugar problem so she may have to curb the sweet tooth.

2019 Transits for Priyanka and Nick Jones

When you look at the Transits for 2019, this accident configuration gets touched off and it can indicate male members of the family have to be extra careful of accidents and she may also run into some legal problems. She will need physical outlets for anger and temper which are not dangerous but physically strenuous. She may have to curb red meat also as she gets sudden uncontrollable urges which can be dangerous. It is possible that her FBI role in the TV series Quantico has offset some of the negative themes. She will have to be careful of religious fanatics who are not able to control her at all.

On the positive side, Priyanka has wonderful transits for Jupiter to Venus throughout 2019 so we know the problem is not in marriage.  She is also coming into major contracts from mid-2019 till mid-2010 which can also often indicate inheritance. We hope it is movie deals as all her planets are moving up which indicates an excellent public response.

Nick Jonas has Jupiter transiting his 5th house which is love affairs with foreigners. It is also one of the best transits for having children and often twins!  This luck continues in his chart till Oct 2019.  Our congrats to the happy couple. If they have children, I am sure they will be very beautiful and talented.

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