Sudden Gains and Windfalls Through Upheavals

April 9, 2015by Hassan Jaffer

Sudden Gains and Windfalls Through Upheavals is a Jupiter Uranus transit or Uranus touching off your Jupiter. You may have noticed that at certain periods in your life, you were tempted to just give up everything and leave. If you acted upon that impulse (as long as you were not being totally irresponsible as well) and it worked out in your favor, then this was probably Jupiter touching off your natal Uranus or vice versa.

People working for years and then suddenly deciding to immigrate to a different country or a car accident which gets you a brand new car from the insurance or a sudden grant or inheritance is a classic Jupiter Uranus transit.

However, those who are born with this aspect can also be prone to freak accidents and suddenly becoming totally irresponsible with their life or their family’s. Princess Diana was born with it and was also going through this transit at the time of the tragedy. She did have a sudden luck element many times in her life. Meeting Prince Charles and becoming a Princess was one such break. Instant fame was also part of the same transit.

However, this transit also often indicates sudden freedom from limitations which can lead to freak accidents but also miraculous escapes. Those born with conjunction, opposition, or square from Jupiter to Uranus are more restless and prone to danger than those who are born with a sextile or trine, which brings them the luck without the freak accidents element.

We are giving the Client numbers of our Subscribers who were either born with a Jupiter Uranus aspect or have Jupiter touching off their natal Uranus by “transit” – one of the best times for sudden unexpected opportunities developing from foreign countries. You do not have to be born with a Jupiter Uranus aspect to benefit from this transit.

This transit often coincides with inheriting a large sum of money from someone you did not even know very well, or a compensation package or buying computers or other electronic equipment at excellent prices, or getting them as a present. Sudden fame and media contacts helping springboard your career is also reflective of this transit.

When Jupiter makes any aspect to your natal Uranus, you will throw all conventions aside, break all family traditions and use the windfall aspect represented by your natal Uranus. The same could happen if Uranus is touching off your Jupiter. For example, if you were born with Uranus in your 7th house, you will suddenly get married to someone exciting or beautiful or whatever you wanted when Jupiter touches it off by transit.



A Positive Jupiter-Uranus Transit

  • Sudden opportunities and windfalls which seem to come totally out of the blue
  • Unexpected upheavals that bring luck also
  • Restlessness and desire for sudden freedom
  • Media recognition and publicity on TV
  • The sense of something big happening and an exhilarating feeling of fame and recognition
  • Flashes of inventive ideas and insights
  • Luck mostly originating from the timing of events
  • Opportunities to get digital equipment, computers, and other electronic gadgets at very good prices or even free of charge!
  • The increased urge for change and freedom from all kinds of limitations
  • One of the best transits for publicity
  • Excellent opportunities for media contacts
  • Winning big lotteries. This is not the Mars Jupiter aspect where you actually gamble and take chances. This is a pure luck element.



What If You Are Born With A Jupiter-Uranus Aspect?

If you were born with a Jupiter Uranus aspect, then all the points mentioned in this article will apply to you all your life. You will always be somewhat of an opportunist, be at the right place at the right time, most of your luck will come through foreigners and foreign countries, have a luck element when it comes to fame, and will be gain through upheavals. However, avoid being too restless and bide your time as this aspect also indicates miraculous escapes. You may have major windfalls but also sudden freedom from limitations (e.g. car write-offs. In the long run, this aspect will help you springboard your career or other areas of life when you have done your homework but need a public response.

Most celebrities are born with some aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. Most overnight celebrities are also either born with this aspect or are going through it by transit. If they are born with it, then the fame or sudden windfalls will last longer.

The following subscribers were born with a positive aspect between Jupiter and Uranus. They are always having opportunities for sudden fame and windfalls which seem to come out of the blue:

Public Figures: Prince William, Prince Reza Pahlavi, President Bill Clinton.

The following public figures were born with an adverse aspect between Jupiter and Uranus (it is still lucky but you need to bide your time as the restlessness can also indicate sudden freedom from limitations (Princess Diana’s accident):

Public Figures: Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Steve Jobs, US Vice President Al Gore.




Jupiter Uranus aspects represent the type of success that is more sudden, unpredictable, or unexpected and appears totally out of the blue. What you can do though is to be prepared for it and bide your time instead of being too restless.

Big windfalls that need some sort of upheaval to materialize are typical of Uranus Jupiter transits and we all go through this transit from time to time. Some of us (including your editor) are born with it and usually get opportunities when they are about to give up everything.


Jupiter represents the opportunist side of your nature. It is the “luck” element in everyone’s chart and its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (depending on the house and planet being “touched off”).

uranusUranus represents your need for freedom and the unconventional side of your nature. Jupiter is the opportunistic side of you and represents foreign countries and the “luck” element in everyone’s chart. Its transits increase your likelihood of taking advantage of the situation at hand (represented by the house and the planet getting “touched off”). Sudden Gains and Windfalls Through Upheavals is a typical Uranus Jupiter or a Jupiter Uranus transit.




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