The Sacred Language of Astrology

August 27, 2014by Hassan Jaffer

The Sacred Language of Astrology is basically a labeling device for your thoughts and is the most comprehensive tool of Nature to understand and express your inner themes.

The Sacred Language of Astrology must have been revealed to the greatest of prophets as it has divine origin is not man-made. It is very difficult to add even one symbol or aspect let alone a whole rule even though we have so much more awareness and tools available.

How could so much have been written thousands of years ago and such simple rules of life behind the most complex interpretations?  The complexity is in the interpretation not the sacred language of astrology. The symbols have never changed but only the interpretations keep being added.

I use the sacred language of astrology to understand one’s highest potential, astrological “jargon” to communicate my thoughts and the English language to translate its essence to all of you!

I can assure you that the most scholarly and literary use of English will still be quite primitive in its ability to convey the true meaning of even a single aspect between any two planets.

A hundred astrologers may explain the same aspect in hundred ways according to their own interpretation of it but the aspect will not still not be fully explained and is complete in itself and still a mystery to everyone.

Every astrologer will explain the same aspect differently and add something to its meaning each time, whereas English or any other language is just an interpretation and only conveys part of the full meaning.

This is because the sacred language of astrology is so vast that the minute you start interpreting it, you limit its scope. Everything with a divine origin is like that!




The English language demands all this explanation which astrology sums up in just three words




What Does Mercury trine Pluto Mean?

To an astrologer, “Mercury trine Pluto” immediately means a profound awareness of Divine principles and a certain amount of intellectual arrogance.

It is the single most powerful element of wisdom which connects one with “cosmic intelligence” and drives one to constantly do something to improve the lives of the masses and understand the Natural Laws.

Pierre Trudeau and many other reformers and philosophers were born with it (including your editor but without the arrogance!).

I could write a whole book just about this one aspectMercury trine Pluto. Astrology not only makes you aware of your inner talents and potential but also gives you a much deeper appreciation of your mind and your experiences.

The Sacred Language of Astrology completely captures the true meaning of your neural experiences. Any contact between Mars and the Moon always intensifies your emotions and equates to emotional involvement.

People usually think in their first language even when they learn a new one. It seems my first language is astrology and I always think in astrological terms and then simply use whatever language I need to make people understand my thoughts!

Unfortunately, there is no language which matches the subtleties and completeness of astrology.

The English language has only a few words for love and romance, but in astrology, every contact of a planet to Venus makes it a different type of love.

Venus in Pisces, Venus/Neptune, and Venus in the 12th house each represent not only the type of love and its degree of passion but also where your love is directed.

Here is a pictorial representation of how Divine symbology (Astro symbols) can bring you closer to understanding Nature’s Plan and also make you communicate its underlying message to the masses.


The Sacred Language of Astrology

Pluto in Sagittarius promises a universal language by Nov. 2008. Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 will probably see simultaneous translations of any language into any language.  Sagittarius represents astrology and philosophy as well as mass communication.

the sign of Sagittarius best represents the sacred language of astrology. However, all signs contribute to their own themes to the meanings.

“A physician without a knowledge of astrology has no right to call himself a physician” – Hippocrates

Maybe this article (written by a Sagittarius) will help unravel some of the problems facing the experts as they try to develop such a language. It is not hard to develop an international language for day to day communication e.g. “I need three books” can easily be depicted visually.

But if you need a universal language to make people aware of the most complex human experiences, then we will need the help of a philosophical code, best expressed through Astro symbols. Ironically, we have had this language for almost 5000 years and it has never changed!




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