The Year 2019

The Year 2019 is starting with Moon in Scorpio, Unfortunately, this signals the intent of war and hawkish US policy again, and it is being pushed by Netanyahu and his allies in the Congress and the US Senate.

It is amazing how the US foreign policy is hijacked by outside forces which keep dragging the US into wars.  Afghanistan and Syria have nothing to do with US national security but Donald Trump’s Border Wall certainly does.

They will not allow Donald Trump to pull the US troops from Syria as it is not in the interest of the Zionist agenda. Moon in Scorpio identifies the hawks like John Bolton who only want wars to continue.

America has no business being in Syria. Syrians and Iranians are like brothers and they have the same religion.  Iran was also instrumental in getting rid of ISIS.

Unfortunately, the horoscope of the United States has Mercury opp Pluto which means that they will keep violating the laws of the universe. It also indicates that they cannot undo the damage they create. This is the policy of foreign hostile powers which incite the USA to drop bombs and destroy families.

Hopefully, Jupiter in Sagittarius till Oct 2019 will help the conscientious Jewish youth who are opposed to the Birthright movement. I feel very proud of the Jewish youth who have opposed taking sides and are interested in a more just society.

Hassan Jaffer

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